Windowed garage door to a fire hall

3 Reasons Why You Should Look Into Architectural Doors

Most businesses are familiar with the look of traditional commercial doors. These are generally made of solid metal, can be paneled or ridged and are often industrial-looking. Commercial garage doors tend to be practical, but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

However, if you run a business, your commercial garage door may be the first thing your potential customers see when they pull up to your parking lot. It is also likely that your commercial door takes up a good part of your shopfront or façade. For this reason, many businesses choose to select architectural doors instead of the traditional industrial look. Consider these three reasons why you should look into architectural doors for your business.

1. Unique and Attractive Look

The biggest benefit of an architectural door is that will give your business front an improved appearance. Instead of a solid colored, industrial, steel or wood door, you can select from many different materials and designs to choose a door that makes a great impression on your customers.

Some architectural doors are glass paneled, which can give a more classic showroom appearance. Some have significant craftsmanship and specific designs. You might select a design that matches your brand or product. You might select a design that matches the nearby landscaping or city planning style. Alternatively, you can select something genuinely unique that makes your business stand out from others.

2. Open and Natural Lighting

architectural commercial doors Many people select architectural doors that have glass panels in a grid pattern. This is an excellent option because it provides ample natural lighting. The natural lighting provided by your architectural doors can yield significant benefits. If you work in a garage or warehouse, that natural lighting can improve the setting for your employees and your customers.

One benefit of the natural lighting provided by architectural doors is happier and healthier employees. Your employees may have better attitudes and be more productive with that natural light. Customers also find natural light more appealing, and the colors of your products or in your showroom will be rendered more accurately in natural light. A second benefit is a reduction in energy use. With natural sunlight, you will need fewer interior lights, which will reduce your use of electricity and your electric bill. Finally, a glass-paneled architectural garage door is eco-friendly. Since you are using the natural light of the sun and less electrical lights, you will reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Improved Sightlines

With architectural garage doors that have glass panels, rather than solid metal panels, your business will have more open sightlines. This also has several benefits for you and your business. The wide, open entrance will make the building seem more inviting to customers. That is why store-front retailers design stores with glass fronts and seamless entries. Open sightlines will also help you to monitor your employees and foot-traffic around your business. It is also an easy way to advertise, as potential customers can easily see what services and products you provide.

If you are considering an architectural, commercial garage door, work with a company that offers professional garage door installation experts such as Frontier Pacific. We can assess your building and your business to determine a design that will best fit your needs, balancing appearance with function.