5 Tips for Choosing a Warehouse Door

5 Tips for Choosing a Warehouse Door

Building and designing a commercial warehouse means making necessary preparations for all the daily functions and processes your workforce will carry out. You will need to make decisions based on maximum space efficiency, as this is directly related to your company’s profitability. In addition, the type of equipment, such as your warehouse door or your loading docks, should match the specifications and measurements of the vehicles and cargo you expect in your warehouse.

Here are five tips to help you decide what type of commercial warehouse door is for you:

1. Consider the door’s cost

Cost plays a huge role in the process of choosing a warehouse door. Aside from purchasing cost and initial installation fees, you also need to consider your potential cost savings through the door’s quality and durability. There are companies that might charge you a huge amount for a call-out repair job. Find a door that can be easily repaired by someone in your warehouse or purchase one that has a self-repairing function for more savings.

2. Determine the amount of daily traffic

How much traffic goes through your door on a day-to-day basis? Many warehouses only open their doors for a specific time period. Meanwhile, there are companies that need doors capable of opening and closing 30 to 100 times each day. When selecting a warehouse door, make sure to also consider security, reliability, and insulation.

3. Find out the size

5 Tips for Choosing a Warehouse Door1

You can save a lot of money just by making sure that your door is not larger than the maximum allowable size. Not only will you save on the initial cost, but also on the energy cost that comes with operating door. Warehouses with high-speed traffic also need to allow extra clearance for each vehicle and its load, along with a margin for any human error that may occur during your day-to-day operations.

4. Prioritize safety

Safety is an important factor when choosing a warehouse door. It involves a lot more than just buying a door that has adequate brakes should the lifting mechanism fails. When you think about safety, it also covers the training you give your team, as well as the protocols that need to be followed when using commercial warehouse doors.

Having a safe door also means having a team that knows how the door works and what to do in case the door’s mechanism fails.

5. Know the purpose of your door

If your warehouse deals with food storage, then potential contamination should play a crucial part in the consideration and purchase process. Any door that will be used for manufacturing, storage, and distribution needs to be tight-sealing, durable, and high-speed. If your warehouse mostly deals with cold storage, it’s essential to have a door that has high insulation and speed to save money on energy costs.

Finding the right warehouse door for your property will be much easier just by following these five simple tips. Now that you have a general idea of what door you need, you can compare your choice to other strip and roller doors.

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