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Are All Commercial Steel Doors Fire Rated?

Have you ever wondered why commercial establishments use commercial steel doors as exit doors? One reason is that these doors are fire-resistant, allowing them to act as a fire safety feature. This is also a reason why they generally come at a higher price point than other types of doors on the market. Their extra safety rating makes them preferable and, often, of a higher quality. You may be wondering, are all commercial steel doors fire-rated?

The short answer is yes, most steel commercial doors are fire-rated. Fire-rated means that they are resistant to smoke and fire, so they meet the minimum standard for fire resistance. But, tolerance varies among types of commercial steel doors. Although they are all made to be fire-rated, it’s important to understand that different doors have different levels of fire resistance.

The rating of the door is indicated on a label applied by the manufacturer, based on the testing results. It’s crucial to note that not just anyone can apply these labels – NFPA 80 only allows certified individuals to apply field labels. This guarantees that the door’s rating is accurate and trustworthy, providing assurance of its fire resistance level.

Meeting Your Local Code

All steel commercial doors undergo a series of steps to meet your local fire code standard. They also pass different kinds of tests to match the requirements of your local regulations. Accordingly, the testing system is very diligent. Considering that the designs of steel commercial doors may differ, their performance depends on those designs, frames, and hardware assembly. The installer is required to be aware of the level of fire resistance needed when installing the commercial door. This is to ensure that the local fire codes in your locality are met.

Be aware that there are different building codes for every city. This is especially relevant if you own a commercial building and are planning to install steel commercial doors. Your local code guide will likely tell you the associated codes for the type of building you have.

Time-Based Rating

It’s also important to note that the level of the steel door’s fire rating depends on the time the door can resist flames and heat. Depending on the materials used to produce the steel door, its rating can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Of course, exposure to flames is also a factor. When the test is performed, it evaluates the wall, hardware, and the steel door assembly based on the building code’s standards.

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