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3 Signs You Need to Sign Up for a Commercial Door Preventive Maintenance Program

Just as with any kind of vehicle or machine, your commercial doors need to be regularly maintained. Having a commercial door preventive maintenance program can extend the life of your doors, as well as operators, hardware, access systems, electrical control panels, dock equipment, and access systems.

Such a program will also help keep away unexpected costly repairs and potential injury to your employees and customers. If your commercial door isn’t routinely checked, it can lead to higher security expenses and a facility that is vulnerable to intruders.

Common Signs You Need a Commercial Door Maintenance Program

It’s difficult to know what is causing a commercial door to underperform just by looking at it. But you need to be able to recognize the signs that mean you need commercial door maintenance. Some of them can be spotted easily, while others require a bit more experience with commercial doors, or else a keen eye to catch them before the problem becomes worse.

Sign #1: Loud Sounds

One of the first signs to look out for that can point to maintenance can be assessed by ear.

If you have commercial doors that are operating at levels louder than usual, it might be the best time to sign up for a maintenance program. Strange sounds like straining or excessive creaking should be checked by a professional immediately, as such sounds could herald something that’s affecting how well your door functions.

Sign #2: Door Moves Too Slow/Quick

commercial door maintenance A door that moves too fast or too slow is a cause of concern. This problem usually occurs in commercial doors that are already a few years old. Be on the lookout for increased friction when operating the door. Although it is just a minor issue, it can get worse over time and result in bigger problems down the road if left unchecked.

Sign #3: Heavier than Usual

Another sign that you need commercial door maintenance is an unusual weight. If your door feels a bit heavier to open and close manually, it can be caused by the door’s mechanism. Be sure to address this problem by calling a professional who can suggest the best course of action for fixing your commercial door.

Importance of Commercial Door Maintenance

Preventive maintenance isn’t only for keeping your equipment safe and usable–it also helps maintain your business’s efficiency and productivity levels. Because your customers and employees use commercial doors to get to your place of business, those doors should be performing at their best all the time.

When you sign up for a commercial door preventive maintenance program, you’re establishing regular maintenance for your equipment. This ensures a longer life for your doors, early detection of potential operational malfunctions, and better product performance.

Before calling a professional, you can perform a visual inspection of your commercial doors first. Check for any loose hardware on the door and see if there’s any sign of wear and tear. Doing so gives you an idea of what to tell the professional once he asks you about the problems you’re having with your commercial door.