commercial door repair and replacement

Commercial Door Repair and Replacement: A Guide for Business Owners

Commercial door repair and replacement is a common business expense that many people don’t think about. You might find that your doors are broken, damaged, or simply not opening correctly, and you want to know how to fix it. This article will cover what commercial door repair entails and how it can benefit your business. We’ll also go over various types of doors available for businesses so you can choose the best option for you. Read on to learn more!

What Is Commercial Door Repair?

With commercial door repair, a professional will come out and assess the damage. This professional might be a certified technician or a general contractor specializing in this field. They can then make a recommendation about the best course of action for your doors. This might involve replacing parts on the door itself, installing new hardware, or repairing hinges and springs to ensure everything is working properly again.

Why You Need Commercial Door Repair

Commercial doors are an integral part of a business, and a broken door can lead to many problems. If you have a commercial door not working correctly, it may cause your employees to be late for work or your customers to have difficulties entering the building. A malfunctioning door also often comes with more significant security risks since intruders could simply break through the door to enter.

In addition, a broken door that you neglect to repair can get worse and turn into a broken door that needs a full replacement.

Here are some easy ways you can maintain your commercial doors for improved performance and enhanced safety:

– Lubricate hinges regularly (once per month)

– Clean around the jamb with soapy water

– Replace weather-stripping every five years

Commercial Door Replacement

If you are at the point where your commercial door needs to be replaced, you have some options.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Business

You have many different options in size, color, material, and more. For example, if you need a door that will be used in an environment where it will constantly get bumped into, choose one with a special coating that will prevent scratches or marring.

If you are looking for extremely secure doors but also very aesthetically pleasing, there are many types available. Most businesses opt for steel doors because they offer both security and durability while maintaining. Additionally, stainless steel doors provide the same benefits but are available in more finishes, so you can find one that matches your building’s exterior design.

If you want something less expensive than steel or stainless steel but still want security features like access cards or peepholes, consider aluminum doors. These doors still provide excellent protection and durability while being affordable.

No matter what type of door you choose for your company, there is sure to be a solution that will fit your needs and budget!

We Can Help

Choosing the right door for your business is a big decision. But with the right information, you can make a sound investment. If you have a commercial door that needs repair or replacement, give us a call today.