Commercial Door Repair Tips How to Protect Your Doors Against Rust

Commercial Door Repair Tips: How to Protect Your Doors Against Rust

Are you dealing with a rusty commercial door? Then you’re not alone. Many businesses out there are forced to buy new commercial doors due to severe rusting. Some companies are also forced to call professional services when the rust starts to affect the efficiency of their commercial doors.

Nobody wants a costly commercial door repair, so you need to do know how to properly protect your metal door from rust. Check out these tips to learn more:

1. Remove Dust

Many people are not aware that dust can actually encourage rust. When doing your usual dusting routine, be sure to keep cleaning your metal door frames as well. Just use a dry cloth and wipe along the frame. Don’t forget to open your commercial door and dust all the other metal parts as well for a thorough cleaning.

2. Use Rust Primer

For commercial doors located in a damp area or a naturally humid place, one of the things you should consider to prevent rust is using rust primer. What’s great about this product is that you can find it in just about any hardware store. They can be purchased in either spray or paint form. A rust primer will help you seal the metal surface and keep oxygen from reaching the door.

3. Consider Metal Wax

Commercial Door Repair Tips How to Protect Your Doors Against Rust1 For people who maintain a schedule when cleaning their commercial doors, it’s important to consistently use metal wax. A thin coat of this compound will be applied to the metal surface that you want to protect from rust. With metal wax, you delay the process of rusting that could seriously damage your commercial door.

4. Other Products to Remove Rust

Once you have already noticed rust on your commercial door, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go around shopping for a door replacement. There are many products that can effectively remove existing rust. One of them is WD-40, which loosens rust when applied to the problem area.

Another thing you can use is a product that contains phosphoric acid. The acid works by exposing the new metal when used. Coca Cola, for instance, can be mixed with a little baking soda to achieve that effect. Simply apply the mixture to the surface using a clean rag or towel. Pro tip: don’t forget to remove the mixture to prevent other issues, like ants or other insects that are attracted to sugary substances.

5. Regular Maintenance

Your commercial door is a huge investment, so it needs regular maintenance. Having your door routinely checked by a professional keeps rust from forming and stops the progress of existing rust.

Aside from being unsightly, rust can be difficult to get rid of once it invades your metal doors. There are instances when the rust eats through a metal surface completely, leaving holes in your door. It can be even more problematic if the rust requires commercial door repair. Don’t wait for it to happen to you–make sure to follow all the above tips for a rust-free commercial door all year round.

Did you know that regular preventive maintenance can not only extend the life of your commercial doors but also improve safety in your warehouse? Contact us today to learn more!