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What Goes into the Cost of a Commercial Overhead Door Installation?

One popular service today, especially for business owners that need garages, is overhead door installation. Maintaining the safety of your garage ensures that your business site is secure from external threats. With the help of properly installed commercial overhead doors, you can rest assured that everything behind your commercial doors will be as safe as possible. These doors are an investment worth the price. Here are some things that go into the cost of a commercial overhead door installation.


Obviously, the door itself goes into the cost of a commercial overhead door installation. What you’re paying for includes the materials used. While there are no other main materials used, the door alone is a significant part of the cost. The total depends in part on the type of door you purchase, and which extra features you select. Since most commercial overhead doors are insulated and include a thermal resistance factor, you are paying for this as well.


Installation costs are anothing thing to consider. Some garage owners try the DIY approach, but this only works if you have experience installing commercial garage doors. Most of the time, it’s more practical for business owners to hire professionals to handle this job. There are service providers who offer a complete package that includes everything—materials, labor, overhead costs, and door openers. There are also some that will perform the necessary labor if you already have the proper materials.

Overhead Costs

You should also consider other overhead costs. Overhead costs are those indirect expenses that are necessary for the installation process. Some examples of this is any rental equipment used for the service, the small components that don’t come with the door, and so on. You can ask your installer about the overhead costs for a more granular breakdown of expenses.

Garage Door Openers

Last but not least are garage door openers. If your commercial overhead door is automatic, you will require door openers to go along with it. This is separate from the door itself and its cost depends on the model and type of the opener.

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