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Don’t Neglect Your Overhead Door

You may think that once you get an overhead door you’re good to go. It’s true, for the most part. Yes, an overhead door makes your business more secure, and also more professional looking because it improves the curb appeal of your building. The extra security measure deters theft, too, and helps customers feel more comfortable, ensuring that whatever is contained behind the overhead door stays safe. This, in turn, engenders trust from potential clients. So yes – an overhead door ups your game in many ways. However, once it’s in place, you need to care for it.


As with all things, your overhead door requires a level of maintenance. Overhead doors are sturdy and stable. They are built to weather harsh conditions and a certain amount of impact. They are made to withstand force. However, to keep them performing at an optimal level, they need to be maintained. You may know something about maintaining equipment. If so, you know that equipment made of metal has to be protected from rust. Because your overhead door is likely made of metal, make sure that the coating is intact. If the protective coating begins to come off, this leaves your door vulnerable to rust. Rust can work to erode a door over time, leading to inconvenient repairs or a costly replacement.

Regular Checks

Along with keeping your overhead door free of rust, keep it free from other potential issues. Check your door regularly, even every time you use it, to ensure that it’s operating smoothly and properly. If it is closing or opening in an irregular way, it could mean that something is not aligned. Potential misalignment needs to be addressed so that your door does not become permanently damaged.

Visible Damage

Visible damage doesn’t always mean that your door needs to be replaced or repaired. Overhead doors are meant to withstand a certain level of damage. However, if the functioning of your door is being impacted by visible damage, contact a professional to schedule a repair. In some cases, an overhead door is separated into segments. If damage is contained to individual panels, they can sometimes be replaced. This can help prevent having to replace an entire door.

Check the Seal

If the seal around your overhead door begins to deteriorate, make sure that you replace it. Check the seal around your door anytime you think of it. If you notice puddles of water inside your door or feel drafts when the door is closed, the seal may need to be replaced. Contact a professional to do this for you, as it can be a tricky job.

Schedule Overhead Door Maintenance

To best care for your door, check it often and keep an eye out for damage. For the superior services, contact us. At Frontier Pacific, we can help you maintain your doors so that they last as long as possible. Contact us by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you.