garage door minimum side clearance

Garage Door Minimum Side Clearance: How Much Do You Need?

When you open a garage door, it needs to have enough space on both sides for the door to be opened without hitting anything. Before you install a new garage door, it’s best to know the garage door minimum side clearance requirements. This will help ensure that you have enough room for the door to open without any issues. Read on for all the information you need about garage door minimum side clearance and its importance in a garage door system.

What are side-clearances?

Side-clearances are the space on both sides of the door required to open without hitting anything. The side-clearances provide a buffer zone for people, pets, or objects around the garage door.

The Importance of Garage Door Minimum Side Clearance

Side clearances are a requirement for garage doors that open from the side. Side clearances are important to keep in mind when you’re installing or replacing your garage door. Clearances allow for the door’s sides to move freely without coming into contact with anything. This ensures that your garage door will open and close properly, which is important for safety reasons. If your side clearances are too small, it could result in an accident as the door might hit something on its way to opening or closing. It’s also important to know how much clearance space you need because if you go under the minimum requirements, you could damage your door opener or the tracks that make up your garage door system.

Side clearances vary depending on the type of garage door you install. Doors should always have at least 2 feet of clearance on each side for proper operation; this is considered a minimum clearance requirement. Roll-up doors require more clearance than swing-out doors because roll-up doors have a higher center of gravity and swing-out doors do not extend out from the building as far.

Garage Door Minimum Side Clearance: How Much Do You Need?

Minimum Side Clearances by Type of Garage Door

The side clearance is an important consideration when installing a new garage door. Depending on the type of door you purchase, the minimum side clearance requirements will vary. For example, if you have a standard horizontal slider door, the minimum clearance you need on each side to install it properly is 36 inches. If your garage door style is a torsion or pivot style, the minimum clearance required for each side is 54 inches.

Different types of doors require specific clearance measurements. These include:

– Sectional doors

– Vertical sliding doors

– Horizontal rolling doors

When considering your options for which type of door to install in your garage, knowing these minimums can help determine what will work best with your home and property layout.


There are a lot of options when it comes to garage doors, so the first step is to figure out how much room you have available. The minimum side clearance requirements for your garage door will vary depending on the type of door you choose. Make sure your door fits properly to avoid any accidents or injuries.

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