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How Secure are Iron Gates?

An iron gate is one of the best investments you can make to protect your commercial property. Most business owners are familiar with the same nightmare: security breaches. You know the feeling – an alert sounds in the middle of the night and your heart starts racing. Security has been breached on your business property, and you have to rush to make sure that everything is safe. Especially if your security system is lacking, there’s a constant threat of intruders. When the building is unoccupied and vulnerable during closing hours, you want to rest easy knowing that it’s protected.

For the reasons outlined below, iron gates are a long-lasting and durable choice that will keep your business safe and secure.

Rust Resistant

Wrought iron is rust-resistant. When properly maintained, it can last for a lifetime and look just as new as the day you purchased it. Of course, if an iron gate is heavily exposed to harsh elements, owners should take extra precautions to maintain the protective coating. In comparison to other metals, such as aluminum, wrought iron is significantly less susceptible to rust and corrosion.


Iron gates are preferable to their aluminum counterparts because of their ability to withstand most natural elements. Aluminum, a lighter metal, is more easily bent, flexed, warped, or broken than iron. Iron, on the other hand, can withstand serious force without bending or breaking. In terms of lasting protection and longevity, iron is preferable to other metals. Wrought iron in particular is very resistant to high temperatures.


Further customization can make your iron gate even more secure. You can link your gate’s open and close procedures to key cards and remote control systems so you can control exactly who enters and exits the property. Some operating systems can be linked to phone applications, so you can open and close your gate from anywhere in the world. This extra level of security can help protect your space and give you peace of mind.

Iron Gates Send a Message

A tall, imposing iron gate sends one message to anyone who might mean to break in or vandalize your business: Don’t even think about it. Iron gates are visually impressive. They put on display the fact that you have, in fact, made an investment in security. Sometimes a visual deterrent like an iron gate or a security camera is enough to prevent intruders from even attempting to enter.

Secure Your Business

Don’t let worry about the security of your business take over your life. Just a few thoughtful security measures, like an iron gate, can provide protection from the elements, intruders, and other threats that you may face on a daily basis.

At Frontier Pacific, we install and maintain commercial gates so that you can keep your property safe. To learn more about how you can best protect your business with a commercial gate, give us a call at (510) 279-0232 or visit our contact page. Our team is here to help!