How to Choose Commercial Door Hardware for Your Business

When it comes to your commercial building, you should protect your investments and ensure everything is in order. This means making smart decisions about your door hardware. Door hardware can be an overlooked aspect of any commercial building, yet it significantly impacts how well you will be protected and how safe your business will be. Here are some considerations for choosing the right commercial door hardware.

Choose the Right Commercial Door Hardware

When it comes to commercial door hardware, you want to consider the size, the type of locking system, and the design. Many people may think that all door hardware is created equal, but that’s not true. There are different locks for commercial doors, depending on what you need or want. One consideration is whether you want a double cylinder lock because this will provide increased security. You will also want to consider the size of your commercial door so that you can pick out the right lock. The door’s weight capacity and durability should also be taken into account—this will help keep your building safe and secure.

What Types of Commercial Door Hardware Are There?

There are many door hardware styles that you can use to secure your doors. Here is a look at the most popular styles:

1) Pins and tumblers – These locks function with a “pin and tumbler” system. Your key pushes the pins up to unlock the lock, and they come back down once you turn the key.

2) Latches and levers – Locks like these require a key to open and close them, but they don’t work like traditional door locks. They close and latch simultaneously, so it’s easier to close the door securely.

3) Keyless locks – These locks operate without a physical key. Imagine not having to look for keys ever again!

4) Cylinders – These work both as a locking mechanism and an indicator of whether or not someone has been inside your office after hours.

Choosing which type works best for you will depend on what you need from your commercial building’s doors. Whether it means protecting your business or just making sure everything is in order, there is a type of door hardware out there that will work for your space.

Types of Door Security

Security is a key concern for many commercial buildings. With the right door hardware, you can keep intruders out of your building and ensure that your staff, office equipment, and inventory are safe. The best way to secure your building is to have door access control. You can integrate contactless cards or tokens so that only those with access can enter the building. This tells you who has entered and exited your facility at any point in time, which enhances the level of security.

If you don’t have a door access control system, you can use locks with an alarm on them or monitored locksets that notify you if someone tries to break into the room. These would be good options for external doors, especially if they are accessible outside without passing through another secure area first. For internal doors, make sure they are locked when not in use and consider installing alarms or monitored systems on them if necessary. You can also decide if you want deadbolts on your doors. Deadbolts provide more protection than standard locksets because they take more effort to unlock. They also lock automatically after being shut, preventing people from re-entering the building without authorization.

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