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Should You Install Commercial Door Curtains?

Are you wondering if you need commercial door curtains for your warehouse? Take it from us, there are several reasons why they’re essential for your commercial space. But if you’re unsure about whether or not they’re worth the investment, you might want to consider the top advantages.

Below is a short guide to why we recommend installing commercial door curtains.

Types of Commercial Door Curtains

Strip doors are an economical choice that help you partition indoor work areas. They also allow you to block out dust, noise, and heat, which creates a better work environment. Strip doors can also be installed to protect and insulate refrigerated areas in a company’s warehouse. Our commercial strip doors are easy to install and operate.

Mesh Strip Doors

Mesh strip doors can be used to stop flying insects from entering your building. They also allow airflow to circulate freely, making them ideal for commercial kitchens or food processing plants. Weights at the bottom keep mesh strip doors from blowing around. They don’t provide insulation, so if that’s an important factor to consider, there are better options for your company.

PVC Strip Doors

PVC has become one of the most popular commercial plastic materials across various industries and applications. There are a few reasons why PVC strip doors are so popular. Aside from being transparent, they’re also affordable and require very little maintenance. They help keep flies out, and sustain a more even temperature all year long.

Benefits of Commercial Door Curtains

Here are some of the main reasons why it’s helpful to install commercial door curtains in your building:

1. Maintaining Temperatures

Door curtains are the perfect way to maintain insulation in your facility. This can be especially useful for the food industry, but installation also helps to create a more pleasant work environment, especially during summer and winter months.

2. Commercial Door Curtains

They come in a variety of different options. Choose from a range of designs, materials, colors, and materials. There are also many different sizing choices, allowing you to customize your company’s commercial door curtains to suit your needs.

3. Create workplace Partitions

Door curtains can also be used to partition up a large commercial space. Depending on the style you choose, your operations can be organized more efficiently with strip curtain dividers.

4. Cut Energy Costs

Another benefit of extra insulation is that it can cut down on your monthly energy bills. This is especially true in the summer when you have the air conditioner running, but also during cold winter months when you need to keep your commercial space warm for employees.

Shop Commercial Door Curtains

Commercial curtains are easy to install too. If you’re looking for the best quality, click here to learn more about the options at Frontier Pacific.

Do you have questions? Installing door curtains is one of the most effective ways to protect your warehouse and the business you love. Do you have questions about commercial doors? Contact Frontier Pacific by calling (510) 279-0232 or online to learn more about the best option for you.