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How Long is Commercial Overhead Door Installation?

At some point, even a heavy, durable overhead door will need to be replaced. And when you’re looking for a reputable company to complete your commercial door installation, you may wonder how the process works as well as how long it usually takes.

In most cases, the average commercial garage door installation will take anywhere from as little as three to four hours, to an entire day. But a few different factors can influence the overall duration of this type of project. You can manage your expectations based on the following factors.

Door Types and Availability

The commercial overhead door hardware needed for the installation process is a primary factor that determines how long things take. The right overhead door company will probably already have the right door in stock if it’s a common model.

On the other hand, if you need a more uncommon type of door, you may have to wait for a door repair company to order the right model for your facility. This wait takes extra time.

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Weather Conditions

Weather conditions on the day of a scheduled door installation can influence the project’s duration as well. For example, an installation service that takes place during a windy rainstorm would be more challenging than installing that same door on a sunny day.

If you happen to schedule a commercial door installation on a day with turbulent weather conditions, the process may take a little longer than usual. Instead, it may be better to reschedule the installation for a later date.

The Condition of Your Brackets and Wires

If the brackets, cables, rollers, or other components that support your garage door are old and worn down, installation could take longer. Weak or damaged parts will require replacement before a repair company is able to install the new door.

Installing a new overhead door with outdated components is likely to cause issues, such as jamming, or jerky movements. Further, faulty garage doors can be a serious safety concern when they malfunction. It’s best to fix any issues you encounter immediately before they worsen. An overhead door repair expert will inform you of all the parts that need to be replaced before the installation can continue. It’s better to spend money on this upfront cost instead of dealing with problems later on.

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Reliable Overhead Door Installation

When you need a new overhead door for your business, it’s not a good idea to rely on your employees for the installation process. Instead, call specialists to handle the job for you. Experienced contractors and companies that specialize in replacing and installing commercial garage doors can get the job done safely, effectively, and within a shorter amount of time. This is one of the main services that Frontier Pacific offers. For stress-free, reliable installation, call us at 510-935-0086 or email admin@frontierpacificde.com now!