overhead door sealing

Overhead Door Sealing- Your Guide

It’s important to seal an overhead door in order to ensure it’s weather tight. Sealing also helps keep dirt, grime, and dust at bay. Sealing an overhead door is relatively easy. All you need is some time, a few tools, and some weatherstripping trim. Read on to learn about how and when to seal your commercial door.

Check For Damage

If the weatherstripping on your door is beginning to wear thin, it may be time to replace it. Examine your door’s seal for damage to see if it needs to be changed. If the weatherstripping in your commercial door looks cracked or damaged in any way, it’s probably time to replace it.

You may notice puddles of water around or inside your overhead door. Or maybe you feel drafts coming from the door while it’s closed. These are both indications that you should replace your weather stripping and reseal your door.

If you notice that the metal of your door is rusting, the door needs to be resealed to prevent moisture and the elements from damaging the door.

Resealing your door can even help decrease your energy bills because it makes your heating more energy efficient.

Assess the Current Seal

Assess your current seal to figure out which areas of your overhead door to reseal. Look for weatherstripping on the bottom door seal, the threshold, and/or along the sides of your overhead door. You may also have weatherstripping along the individual panels of your overhead door. Make sure you measure the area you’re sealing to ensure that you have enough on hand. This is a good rule of thumb no matter how much weatherstripping you’re replacing.

Get Help

You may be able to replace weatherstripping on your own. However, calling a professional is always better. The integrity of your overhead door depends on the strength of your seal. Because the seal is so important, it must be replaced with care. Call a professional – they are sure to know the best course of action to take.

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