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Protect Your Employees with a Truck Dock Leveler

Did you know that a truck dock leveler can help keep your employees safer on the job? Unfortunately, fatalities and workplace injuries do happen on loading docks every once in a while. Some common dock accidents include early departures, when truck drivers mistakenly drive off without realizing that an employee is still inside, leaving, or entering a truck trailer.

Fortunately, there are safety measures you can implement that reduce dock accidents and increase worker safety. If you oversee a warehouse operation or a shipping yard, here’s what you need to know about dock levelers and how they can help you protect your employees from these kinds of mishaps.

What is a Dock Leveler?

A truck loading dock leveler is specialized equipment that’s used to bridge the distance between the loading dock and the truck. This makes loading and unloading easier as well as safer. A truck dock leveler also acts as a height-adjustable platform you can use to guarantee a smoother transition between trucks and your loading dock. In this way, it helps reduce workplace accidents that can cause serious injuries. There are a variety of dock levelers to choose from, so an expert can help you make the best decision for your business.

How a Truck Loading Dock Leveler Can Improve Workplace Safety

There are a number of ways that choosing to install a dock leveler can have a positive impact on your business. They are designed to absorb bumps and shocks during the unloading process, and provide a smoother transition between the loading dock and truck. This can increase productivity because it’s more convenient for employees to do the job of loading or unloading products. As another bonus, faster and more efficient operations can cut back on costs as well.

But back to safety… A dock leveler plays a massive role in improving workplace safety, especially when employees are moving heavy products or equipment around. One of the reasons why installing a leveler can make your facility safer is due to the fact that it creates an even surface for employees to load and unload items. Remember, it’s very uncommon for a loading dock and a truck to be at the same height. Without a dock leveler, it’s also typical to see a gap between the truck and your building. This makes tripping much more likely, which endangers the safety of your employees, as well as whatever products they happen to be moving. Either way, this scenario leads to unexpected costs and an injured worker. It’s much better to be proactive and invest in a leveler.

Shop For Dock Levelers

It can seem confusing to choose the right truck dock leveler at first, but we can help you make the best choice for your facility if you have any doubts. Do you need an expert opinion? Our team at Frontier Pacific takes pride in visiting your facility, assessing, and providing the right option. If you have a facility in need of a leveler installation, or repair, contact Frontier Pacific today at (510) 935-0086.