Commercial overhead door repair

What Happens if You Skip Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance?

Are you worried that you need a commercial overhead door repair? A commercial overhead door is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in a warehouse. It frames your entrance, protects your valuable merchandise, and helps insulate the building. It’s the first thing to open at the beginning of the day and the last thing to close at the end. Despite a commercial overhead door’s importance to daily operations, they are often overlooked as part of a warehouse’s framework instead of a piece of equipment that must be cared for and maintained.

Overhead doors should be checked by a professional on a regular basis to ensure that they’re still operating correctly and safely. Skipping maintenance can lead to some seriously undesirable consequences. Though it might be tempting to see just how long your door can keep chugging along, a wiser choice is to schedule a regular professional check-up, just like you would for your car.

So – what exactly can happen if you skip commercial overhead door maintenance? Here are the top scenarios.

Grime Takes Over the Mechanics and Hardware

It’s true that cleaning can be tedious. Only some enjoy the repetitive meticulousness of maintaining a home, office, car, or garden. However, just like a garden can get overtaken with weeds, commercial overhead doors can accumulate dust and grime. If this grime works its way into your door’s essential hardware and mechanical parts, you run the risk of serious damage to the track and rollers. Such a problem may first present itself as screeching or grinding noises when the overhead door opens and closes. Eventually, buildup of dirt and grime can form obstructions that cause severe misalignment.

Doors Collapse or Can’t Open

Neglecting maintenance on an overhead door can be a serious safety risk too. Regular wear and tear over time, even with standard usage, can fray a door’s cables and overwork its springs. You may not even notice the problem until the door fully collapses or won’t open. In this case, a heavy door collapsing is not only a hazard to your employees – now, your business operations are fully interrupted until you can schedule a commercial overhead door repair.

You’re Procrastinating an Inevitable and Expensive Repair

All of the problems that a lack of maintenance can cause are going to have to be taken care of sooner or later. Ultimately, maintenance is the best choice. If you properly care for your overhead door, it will last a long time and perform the way you expect it to. If you let your door run until it breaks, you’re going to pay for part replacements and repairs instead of a standard maintenance fee.

Schedule Overhead Door Maintenance

Don’t neglect your commercial doors! It will only cost you more in the long run. You’re only a phone call away from excellent maintenance services that will give you peace of mind and save you money.

At Frontier Pacific, our professionals install and maintain commercial overhead doors all over the Bay Area. Give us a call at (510) 279-0232 or visit our contact page to get in touch. We’ll take care of your maintenance needs before they turn into problems that impact your business.