What Are The Differences Between Commercial Door Types

What Are the Differences Between Commercial Door Types?

Getting the right commercial door for your business is essential. Commercial doors help to keep your business secure, efficient and functional, for higher profitability and effectiveness.

Choosing the right commercial doors for your business depends on weighing each door’s construction, operation and characteristics. This overview offers information on different commercial door types to help you find the right fit for your business.


Overhead commercial doors are easy to use and quick to operate, cleanly lifting the door overhead to ensure it stays safe and out of the way while you do business. Overhead doors offer a fast and efficient way to allow access to your commercial buildings.

Sectional overhead doors have the advantage of being available in many different materials to suit your business’s unique needs. Steel overhead doors offer security, while insulated overhead doors conserve energy and keep your commercial space climate controlled.

Glass panels can offer a view through your commercial doors, while glass and aluminum sectional overhead doors provide light infiltration and full visual access to your business space. Overhead doors can be an economical and stylish solution for your commercial building.

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Fire Rated

Fire rated commercial doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire, sealing off a fire-affected area and keeping other areas of your business or outdoor areas safe. The fire rated door helps to prevent the spread of and reduce fire damage.

Fire rated commercial doors help businesses to meet stringent fire safety standards while also providing outstanding security, functional and aesthetic benefits for your business. Fire-rated doors use time-delay devices to shut automatically in emergency situations, sealing out smoke and fire. Fire-rated doors are also available with visual access and can be customized to your business’s unique applications. Fire-rated doors are essential to protect your business assets and property in a fire, while also helping to provide a safe escape route from fire for workers in your commercial building.

Roll Up

Roll up doors offer a compact, efficient and easy to operate commercial door option while being durable, reliable and secure. Roll up doors have the advantage of conveniently rolling up overhead and being stored above the door opening, so doors are not in the way when you are using your commercial space.

Roll up commercial doors are made of heavy-duty steel slats, which often last for the lifetime of the building with little maintenance, unlike sectional doors which may need replacement every few years. Another advantage of roll-up doors is that they don’t require attachment to the roof structure, which may involve the need for reinforcement.

Scissor Gates

Scissor gates are practical and economical commercial doors that are secure and easy to use. Scissor gates look like an expanding trellis or concertina door and operate manually while storing discreetly when not in use. The secure construction offers safety and protection for your business while being lightweight and user-friendly. These doors can be custom designed for your business applications and are ideal for commercial shopfronts or internal doors.

While many commercial door types may appear to be similar, their different construction and materials can make them incredibly diverse. It’s important to choose the right commercial door type for your business needs, incorporating security, functionality, and aesthetics. Talk to our experienced consultants today to find the right commercial doors for your unique business.