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What is a High-Speed Overhead Door?

Do you need an overhead door for your business? High-speed commercial doors offer quick opening and closing functions that are completed in a fraction of the time other commercial doors take. As a result, these tech-enhanced door systems are perfect for industrial conditions where control and timing are crucial.

Fast, durable, safe, and efficient- these are all words that can be used to describe high-speed overhead doors. . Keep reading to learn more about this popular option.

Greater Efficiency

High-speed overhead doors take efficiency to a whole new level because time translates to money when you’re a business owner. At Frontier Pacific, we have a wide range of commercial doors to choose from, but many customers prefer high-speed doors. Did you know that they’re an improved version of traditional sectional doors?

Control the Environment

If a lot of traffic passes in and out of your building, high-speed doors can help control the environment in a number of ways. Faster closing times can help keep pests out. It goes without saying that this is especially important for the food and beverage industry.

Another way these superior overhead doors can help is by keeping the indoor temperature more stable. A speedy closure means that you’re able to limit the amount of warmed air that escapes in the winter, as well as the air conditioned air in the summer. This can help to lower monthly heating and cooling bills too.


Doors that linger open can pose a security risk for your company because they make it easier for non-authorized people to gain access to your building. When you choose high-speed overhead doors, you can have the added peace of mind knowing that they’re helping to keep your building secure and locked up tight.

Adjustable Speeds

You can also adjust the speed your door opens and closes, making it a customizable option for your facility.

Modern Design

High-speed doors feature a contemporary look to complement the architecture of any building.


Finally, you can integrate high-speed overhead doors with touchless solutions to reduce the risk of spreading infections, especially in buildings that see a lot of traffic.

Who Needs High-Speed Overhead Doors?

Such doors are popular in industrial settings, typically for manufacturing, parking structures, pharmaceutical, automotive, technology, commercial freezers and refrigerators, as well as food and beverage manufacturing facilities. High-speed door systems have superior designs and durable components, making them suitable for many types of industrial application.

Shop for an Overhead Door

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