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Why DIY Commercial Garage Door Installation is Dangerous

If you’re in the market for new steel sectional garage doors, you may be tempted to try to install them yourself. Be warned – this is not a good idea. In fact, installing your own commercial garage doors is not just a bad idea because it may result in improper installation. Doing this job without the help of a professional could actually result in injury and even death.


Steel sectional garage doors are heavy. They can weigh thousands of pounds. A professional knows how to install this kind of industrial door and has the equipment to do it safely and securely. Attempting to do this job on your own means that you won’t have access to this necessary professional equipment and know-how.


For steel sectional garage doors to work properly, they have to be able to open and close effectively and on track. Even if you gain access to the necessary installation equipment, you need the experience necessary to perform a proper installation. If commercial garage doors are installed incorrectly, they may not be able to open and close properly. This would make them ineffective and unable to do their primary job. Additionally, an improper installation could cause your doors to behave erratically, presenting a possible safety hazard to employees.


While you may think that taking on an installation yourself will save you money, this is a dangerous misconception. It’s often the case that a DIY installation costs more money in the long run. That’s because a professional will likely need to be called in to fix an amateur job. If the steel sectional garage doors haven’t been installed correctly the first time, they could present a safety hazard to the professional whose task it is to fix them. Save yourself time, money, and worry and call a professional to do this job.


Trying to install steel sectional garage doors on your own is not just dangerous to you, employees, and the professional responsible for performing a re-installation. In fact, doing this job on your own is also potentially dangerous to your commercial garage doors. If you install them incorrectly, they may be damaged beyond repair. Imagine the cost and hassle of this. In a worst case scenario, you may even need to replace the whole unit or part of it.

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