Commercial Door Installation Tips 4 Reasons to Install High-Speed Doors

Commercial Door Installation Tips: 4 Reasons to Install High-Speed Doors

When planning ways to improve the efficiency of standard business processes, most business owners tend to overlook seemingly obscure background equipment. A key example? High-speed doors. The latest gadgets and tech lying around the office can make a good first impression, but one can argue that most of the pressure falls on your commercial doors; they’re the first things your customers will encounter, and will therefore set the bar for the rest of your interior.

Installing high-speed doors can drastically improve the efficiency of your customer flow, the logistic processes, and profitability of your business. Read on to learn how your company can benefit from these commercial doors.

Cost Savings

In a 2m high opening, a standard rolling steel door can open and close in 11 seconds. However, a high-speed security door in the same opening size opens and closes in 2 seconds. This makes a huge difference when it comes to cost savings.

You save money because you have reduced: 1) HVAC maintenance costs, 2) workers compensation costs, 3) repair costs, and 4) heat and cooling costs.

Thanks to these benefits, it’s much easier for your high-performance doors to revolutionize your business operations.

Perfectly Sealed Spaces

Commercial Door Installation Tips 4 Reasons to Install High-Speed Doors1

Airflow prevention is one of the most essential factors in the success of certain businesses. Similar to companies that need clean rooms, there are businesses that need protection from the airflow. Dust and debris in the air can damage specific products, trigger employees and clients with allergies, and mess with your internal HVAC systems.

High-performance doors work best for controlling airflow. You can even use them in pairs to create airlocks for environments that are pressure-sensitive.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Commercial doors need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected, especially for businesses in the food processing sector. If conventional doors get knocked off-track, you are usually left with just one option, and that is a service call. However, high-speed, high-performance doors are different – they feature a self-reinserting curtain that stops any downtime right after collisions. Simply opening and closing the door puts the curtain into its side guides.

Damaged aluminum slats can also be replaced easily. Most repairs actually just take 15 minutes or less. If you have proper security and maintenance measures in place, your high-performance door can still operate while waiting for a technician to diagnose the problem.

What’s great is that doors with push/pull drive technology do not require a lot of maintenance. Only moving parts are affected by wear and tear.

Increased Productivity

Thanks to their open-close cycle, high-performance doors save you time and increase productivity. People can go in and out of your facility with ease, and moving products and equipment is not difficult. For companies that prioritize transport and handling, they need to have smooth logistical flows. This is why high-speed doors work best for these types of businesses.

Auto dealerships will also benefit from high-performance commercial doors. A service bay door that opens and closes faster than the traditional door makes a great first impression – potentially attracting more customers.

Working with a qualified commercial door company can help you easily decide what type of high-speed doors are the most ideal for your business needs. At Frontier Pacific, we have experts who can install and perform maintenance services when you need it. Give us a call now to get an estimate.

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