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Guide to Choosing A Commercial Garage Door That’s Best for your Business

Although they go unnoticed much of the time, commercial doors are integral to the function of many businesses. If you’re thinking of installing or updating the commercial garage doors for your business, you may be wondering how you can choose the best door regarding cost, performance, style, functionality and maintenance needs. Here we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the best commercial garage door for your business.

Your Business: Warehouse, Distribution or Manufacturing

Your Door: High-Speed Doors

As a warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing business, high-performance commercial doors are critical to your operations. You may be opening and closing your commercial garage doors multiple times a day and time is money as you receive and send out shipment. High-Speed Commercial Garage Doors offer the perfect solution, providing speed, security, and environmental control for fast-paced businesses. High-Speed Commercial Doors open and close faster than regular commercial doors, which means you can maintain indoor temperature more efficiently and conduct loading and unloading more efficiently

Your Business: High Traffic Building or Warehouse

Your Door: Steel Sectional Doors

If you need sturdy doors for security, protection, and high traffic, steel sectional doors are the right choice for your business. Perfect for companies that use heavy machinery or large vehicles, steel sectional doors are among the toughest commercial doors available. They are also energy efficient as they provide excellent insulation and protection from the elements. Due to their durability, steel sectional doors require little maintenance, offering reliability all year round.

Your Business: Retail, Office or School

Your Door: Security Shutters

Hospital Parking Garage With Number Seven Your business needs to be easily accessible for pedestrians, but that also means easy access for hijackers. Security Shutters offer high protection for companies with low headroom but high pedestrian traffic. Security shutters are specially built to withstand forced entry, and the different designs can adjust the level of visibility and airflow.

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Your Business: Restaurant, Auto Dealership, Service Station, Car Wash, or Firehouse

Your Door: Aluminum Sectional Doors

Your business needs large doors for high headroom, but should also offer pedestrian access and outstanding curb appeal. Look no further than Aluminum Sectional Commercial Garage Doors that are beautiful, light-weight, and corrosion-free. These durable doors will fill your commercial building with natural light and offer clear sight lines to draw your customers in while allowing employees to see out too.

Your Business: Education, Healthcare or Hotel

Your Door: Rolling Fire Door

In your business, one of the highest priorities is keeping the people you care about safe. Rolling Fire Doors not only protect your occupants from the risk of fire, but they can stop or delay the spread of fire through your commercial building keeping your assets and property safe. Rolling Fire Doors are activated to automatically close when the alarm is triggered by fire or smoke. This system protects people and assets in the building while allowing them an escape in case of a fire.

Adding a new commercial garage door for your business is an investment so you want to make the right choice. While there may be a ‘best fit’ commercial door for a business, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Each day, we see and install commercial doors in new and exciting spaces. Above is a brief outline of some of the areas that overhead doors are installed and used. Please contact us for specific advice and any questions you may have before you make your choice.