6 Common Problems that Require Commercial Door Repair

[Part 2] The Importance of Commercial Door Repair: Common Problems

Doors are important elements of your business. No facility or any other type of establishment is complete without some sort of door made of steel, wood, or other materials. These doors are used frequently, which makes them prone to damage and wear and tear. That’s why wise business owners invest in commercial door repair services from reputable companies.

Problems with commercial doors are all too commonplace. This blog will give you a closer look of the usual issues that may require commercial door repair.

1. Power Issue

For electrically-operated or automated commercial sectional or roll up doors, an appropriate power supply is needed for it to work. If your door won’t close and open correctly, there could be a problem with the power supply. This situation might require commercial door repair done by a professional technician.

2. Broken or Damaged Track

Tracks play a crucial role in the way a commercial overhead door operates. When the track is out of alignment or gets damaged, you cannot close or open the door properly.

Regular maintenance helps a lot by letting you detect any problem early. Through visual inspection of the track, you can easily see if there are unusual gaps between the track and the rollers. There are many possible reasons for a misaligned track but in most cases, sections and rollers are responsible.

3. Door Fails to Open

6 Common Problems that Require Commercial Door Repair1 A commercial overhead door is generally heavy. Each door has torsion spring system that consists of springs and cables. If a spring breaks, it will be very difficult to lift the door or will have difficulty upon pushing the ‘open’ button. When you encounter a problem like this, the best course of action is to schedule a commercial door repair appointment.

4. Spring and Cable Damage

Commercial roll up doors rely on torsion spring and cables to work. If one of those parts fails to perform, the doors cannot open and close. For this reason, cables and springs are two of the most pivotal components of a commercial door and they require regular maintenance.

5. Damaged Panel or Section

Is the commercial door’s face damaged? Don’t worry–there’s no need to purchase an expensive replacement. It’s possible to replace only the broken panel or section of the door. Most of the time, all you need to do is replace a single panel. This type of commercial door repair saves you the trouble of having your entire door replaced.

6. Worn Rollers

Commercial door rollers are prone to wear and tear that could reduce their efficiency. Dirt and debris can also make its way into the door rollers, which affect how they function. Whatever the issue with your roller is, a commercial door repair professional can help you fix it.

Why Call for Commercial Door Repair

If you own commercial roll up doors, it’s important to keep them in perfect working condition. Schedule professional repair services ASAP if something seems off with your commercial overhead door.

By having a trustworthy professional check your doors, you’re always sure that your employees and staff are safe. Commercial door repair also gives you peace of mind knowing that valuable items inside your place of business are protected at all times.

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