Commercial Garage Doors: Things to Consider

A commercial garage door is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. Garage doors provide a front-line defense against thieves and vandals. They also offer insulation from noise and heat to keep employees productive all day long. Most importantly, they serve as the first impression for potential customers and clients. It’s easy to go with the first option you see, but it pays to do your research before making a decision. Below are some options when selecting new commercial garage doors from a trusted company like Frontier Pacific.

Consider the weight

One important consideration when shopping for a new garage door is its weight. The weight of your garage door will determine how much it costs to move, install, and maintain. It’s easy to find a heavy garage door that’s durable and long-lasting, but it might not be worth the cost if you’re on a limited budget.

There are other factors to consider, such as the size of your business. If you have a small company or use it for only one location, you won’t want to buy anything too big because it’ll be challenging to transport and install. On the other hand, if you need multiple doors for different locations or businesses in your building or complex, you may want to look into larger units that are more affordable.

Determine the correct type of motor

The type of motor you purchase will determine the life and efficiency of your garage door. There are three types of motors: chain drive, belt drive, and screw-driven.

Chain drives have fewer parts than belt or screw-driven motors. They tend to be more durable and reliable but heavier and slower than belt or screw-driven motors. Belt drives use an electric chain that powers the trolley, which rotates gears that connect to the sprocket wheel on the drum. Belt drives tend to be more efficient than screw-driven motors and costlier and heavier than chain drives. Screw-driven motors are a lightweight, inexpensive, and simple design with fewer moving parts than any other motor option. They can sometimes be noisy, but they’re also typically more durable and reliable than any other motor type.

Design and material

Ultimately, you can decide what style is right for your business. The material will also have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your garage door and its durability over time. You’ll want something that feels sturdy and makes a great first impression with onlookers and potential customers.

Choose a reputable company

As always, it pays to do research on the company you are choosing to work with your commercial garage door. It’s essential to look for a company with years of experience in the business and a trusty reputation.

If you want an expensive product without sacrificing quality, make sure you choose a reputable company like Frontier Pacific. We have over 27 years of combined experience and have built our reputation on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Some Commercial Garage Door Options

Some companies offer garage doors constructed with premium materials, like steel and aluminum. These doors are more stable, secure, and long-lasting than wood or fiberglass. This type of door is great for businesses that need to stay in business for the long haul.

Another option is a garage door with a built-in opener. This allows employees to quickly drive into work without pushing a button on the wall. It also makes it easier to drive into the parking lot at night when security is needed.

Frontier Can Help

We hope this guide helped you consider a new commercial overhead door for your business. Now you can go shopping with confidence and know that you’re making the right decision for your business and the environment.

Frontier Pacific offers a variety of high-quality commercial overhead doors to choose from. To learn more about our services, call us today at (510) 279-0232 or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!