Commercial Door Repair Tips Common Roll-Up Door Noises and their Causes

Commercial Door Repair Tips: Common Roll-Up Door Noises and their Causes

Roll-up garage doors are among the most common types of commercial doors used by many businesses. These doors are excellent for business settings because they are lightweight but still offer enough weather protection and security. Since the door itself rolls into a coil that’s enclosed in a horizontal overhead casing, it requires minimal space to operate, saving you a lot of space.

If you have a roll-up garage door at your place of business, it will likely last you for a long time without any issue. At some point, however, you’ll experience problems with such doors, especially as they get older. That’s the time when you need to prioritize commercial door repair and maintenance.

Below are the usual roll-up door noises business owners have to deal with and their possible causes.

1. Grinding or Rattling

A correctly-installed roll-up garage door should not create a very loud sound that it wakes you up. Check if your garage door suddenly closes, stops halfway up, or doesn’t open at all. Those signs usually come with a number of noises like rattling, grinding, or squealing.

If it becomes difficult to operate and poses a danger to the people in your business, it’s time to call a technician for commercial door repair.

Possible cause: Improper installation, impact or other damage during operation, lack of maintenance

2. Squeaking

Commercial Door Repair Tips Common Roll-Up Door Noises and their Causes1 Loose parts, worn rollers, and garage door hardware in need of lubrication will make a lot of noise in the form of either grinding, rattling, or even squeaking. Once the door moves, it causes friction, which can produce a loud sound that should tell you something is wrong.

Possible cause: Poor lubrication, adjustment needed

3. Vibrating or Slapping

Your door’s hardware (i.e. chain, bolts, rollers, nuts, and hinges) become loose over time. Each part of your roll-up garage door will show some sign that the system is becoming rickety with age. Always check the door’s chain, rollers and hinges, as well as the nuts and bolts.

Chain. When the commercial door opener chain gets loose, it produces a loud slapping noise. This makes the rollers hit the track due to jerky door movements.

Nuts and Bolts. Loose nuts and bolts create a rattling or vibrating noise when you open or close the door. This problem should be solved right away to prevent a safety issue.

Rollers and Hinges. Be on the lookout for wobbling hinges or rollers, as it’s usually a sign that those parts are worn out. Metal hinges or rollers will produce noise and become worn after a long period of time or if they get bent. Grinding noises may indicate a damaged roller or hinge.

4. Clinking

Clinking is another common garage door noise that indicates it’s time for commercial door repair. This sound usually occurs when the coils and springs of the door system rub together. If it’s not the main cause, the sound may be coming from a faulty roller, which can eventually make the door malfunction.

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