Common Steel Sectional Door Problems and How Theyre Repaired

Common Steel Sectional Door Problems and How They’re Repaired

Businesses encounter commercial door problems every day. These issues can develop gradually or just burst forth without any warning. Some even go unnoticed for a long time and result in bigger problems that require commercial door repair.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems with steel sectional doors and how they are repaired.

1. Rust Formation

Rust not only affects the look of your commercial door—it also compromises your door’s performance. Rust or corrosion often forms when the iron gets exposed to water or air for a long period of time. To get rid of it, simply use dishwashing soap to clean the affected area. Grab a cloth soaked in vinegar and rub the rust away.

Sand the rusted surface and apply a new coat of primer (but check first if your door’s warranty will allow this!). Another way to prevent corrosion is by conducting maintenance work during the fall or spring season.

2. Grinding Noise

Squeaky sections, loose parts, and shabby hardware are some of the commercial door problems that have easy fixes. Any noise coming from your sectional doors usually mean lubrication is required. If you hear strange noises when operating your doors, try using extra lubrication on the squeaky part.

3. Damaged Weather Sealant

Commercial steel doors The main purpose of a weather sealant is to reduce street noise, keep the water out, and seal air gaps. If you notice seams and cracks on your door, don’t fret – you may not have to schedule commercial door repair. Instead, it might be time for a new sealant. Simply remove the old weather sealant and get a new one to install. Most local home improvement stores sell weather sealants for overhead doors.

4. Door Doesn’t Close

Are your doors opening but not closing when the remote is pressed? The first thing you should do is to inspect the photo eyes. This part can get dirty over time, which blocks the light from the beam. They can also get misaligned so the eyes on both sides don’t match up.

Because the photo-eye is made of glass, you need to be careful when cleaning it and make sure not to oversaturate it with the cleaning substance. Use a mild, streak-free cleaner and a soft cloth when removing dirt from the eye, then wipe away any residue afterward.

5. Broken Springs

Commercial sectional doors usually come with one or two torsion springs. You’ll immediately know if they break because you’ll hear a loud sound when this happens. If a spring is broken, then a door opener will struggle to lift the weight of the door. That said, you’ll need professional help to solve this problem as broken springs can be dangerous to work with.

Importance of Professional Door Repair

While there are times you may be able to fix the problem yourself, there are many reasons it may be best to leave repairs to the professionals. Knowing what’s wrong with your garage door may help you to determine if it is a problem you can tackle or if it’s time to call someone for assistance.

When it comes to your commercial door needs, Frontier Pacific is a name you can trust. Our team is always ready to answer your concerns and provide assistance. If you want a new door or need commercial door repair, feel free to contact us or schedule a service call.