4 Commercial Overhead Door Security Enhancements That are Worth the Money

4 Commercial Overhead Door Security Enhancements That are Worth the Money

Crime costs property owners billions of dollars each year. To ensure your business’ profitability, security should be one of your priorities – if it isn’t already, that is. Most break-ins target commercial properties, so there should be different security measures in place for your company.

Similar to residential homes, the main entry points – including the commercial overhead door – are among the most vulnerable places for industrial properties. Whether you own a commercial garage, or a warehouse filled with inventory, security enhancements are needed to minimize the risks of vandalism or burglaries.

It goes without saying that an extra layer of security helps to avoid property losses and disruption in your day-to-day operations. So here are 4 security enhancements you’ll need for your commercial overhead door.

1. Automatic Garage Door Openers

These days, modern automatic garage door openers have rolling-code technology. This lets your remote-transmit a new security code every time you press the remote. Since there are more than 100 billion codes, the chances of a code grabber are very slim. Just make sure that your opener has this technology to enjoy its benefits.

2. Reinforcements

If you own a service door, one way to resist a brute-force attack is by installing an excellent quality deadbolt. An interior interlocking deadbolt, for example, has a strike on the doorjamb and a locking body that mounts on the inside face of the door. You can also use longer or larger screws to add more resistance against brute force.

Before installing a new deadbolt, strengthen the door’s lock area by using a metal sleeve. You can then install a durable strike plate, which you can purchase at any hardware store or home center. Make sure it’s securely attached to the wall and frames the long screws.

The best deadbolts are the ones that have an ANSI Grade 1 rating but if you have a tight budget, you can settle for a Grade 2 lock for above-average security – so be sure to check the rating on the package.

3. Motion Detector Lights

4 Commercial Overhead Door Security Enhancements That are Worth the Money1 Replace your old light fixtures with ones that have a built-in motion detector, if you haven’t already. This is an effective way to keep your commercial overhead door better protected against unexpected visitors. Thieves will be reluctant to jimmy open a door if they are near a bright light.

You also have the option of adding a standalone motion detector connected to any existing light you have. For those living in a cold climate, compact fluorescent light fixtures aren’t advised. They take a bit longer to light up in the winter, giving burglars more time.

4. Garage Door Alarm

A commercial overhead door alarm is another essential system to protect your warehouse from an invasion. Similar to some window sensors, garage door alarms emit a loud sound if they sense any motion.

There are different types of alarms available in the market, including infrared and video-based alarms, motion detection alarms, microwave radiation alarms, and so on.

Commercial overhead doors are a common weak point when it comes to providing security in your business, making an easy target for intruders. These garage doors are not only a weakness but also a shelter for criminals once they are inside.

While the above security enhancements help, it’s still important to test your system for vulnerabilities from time to time.

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