Garage Doors for Low Ceiling Height

Tips for Garage Doors for Low Ceiling Height

If you are ready for a new garage door but don’t know where to begin, you have come to the right place. In addition, if you suspect you have a low ceiling height, this article can help you determine if you do and what steps you need to take before committing to a new garage door. Many people believe a standard garage door will fit their needs, but you will be quickly frustrated if you try to install a standard stand in a low ceiling garage. Read below for measurement tips and tricks to installing garage doors for low ceiling height. If you need a step-by-step guide on how to measure for a new garage door, read our article about that here.

Measuring Garage Door Headroom

The first step is to take accurate measurements and decide how much headroom you have. Taking measurements is for those who have a lot of headroom or not. The amount of headroom will determine if you have a low ceiling height, in which case you need a particular garage door. In addition, the amount of headroom needs to be known to install any garage door.

By measuring headroom, we mean the space that begins above the garage door opening and extends to the ceiling or the bottom of the beams or rafters at the top. The space required depends on the type of garage door you buy, so this step is essential. Obstructions to an accurate ceiling height measurement due to pipelines, a support beam, lighting, etc., would be an issue. There must be enough space for the door to rotate when opening and closing.

Garage Doors for Low Ceiling Height

If your garage ceiling is not high enough, you might need to install a garage door for low ceiling height. With low ceiling garages, additional space is required above the top of the garage door to accommodate horizontal rails and torsion or tension springs. The amount of space needed is 12 to 18 inches, so if your headroom is below 12 inches, you have less space than recommended and a low ceiling height.

Garage Door Openers for Low Ceiling Garages

Garage door openers are a nice luxury to have. But before purchasing and installing a garage door opener above your garage, you should also measure the distance from the garage door opening to the back of the garage. Your garage door should be at least 10 feet away from where you would install the garage door opener on the ceiling. We also recommended that you measure the ceiling height – the distance from the top of the door to the garage ceiling. Measuring the ceiling height would ensure you can safely install a garage door opener that won’t be obstructed or damaged.

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