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Top Industries that Use High Speed Commercial Doors to Increase Productivity

Every commercial property needs doors – to protect people, products, and assets. But depending on your industry, your commercial doors could be slowing you down – literally. Commercial doors are designed to be durable, reliable, and secure, which is essential. But it can also mean that these commercial doors are incredibly slow to open and close.

Slow doors can create problems for your business. They may reduce productivity, hamper climate control, cause excess dust and dirt to enter your property, and negatively impact the temperature balance of controlled areas, like refrigerators.

This is where high-speed commercial doors are essential. High-speed doors come in a variety of configurations and are powered for high-cycle performance. They are designed to handle frequent and almost unlimited opening and closing each day. Most essentially, high-speed doors help to partition areas quickly. This improves the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your business while saving you time and money. Here are the industries that benefit most from high-speed commercial doors.

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

In businesses that store refrigerated and frozen items, energy costs can run high. Every time the door opens and closes, valuable cold air is lost, while warm air can enter, disturbing the temperature equilibrium. This requires the refrigeration unit to work harder, further increasing your overhead. Choosing high-speed doors for your commercial refrigerators and freezers allows you to save energy, protect your products, and increase your productivity.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage industry must use high-speed doors to create clean, sanitary and airtight areas. This is important for maintaining steady temperatures as well as hygienic conditions in the areas where food is produced. High-speed doors help companies follow hygiene standards by keeping food preparation areas clear of debris and food contaminants. When stainless steel is chosen, it is also easy to clean and disinfect.

high speed commercial garage door Pharmaceutical Production

Just like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry requires high-speed commercial doors to partition areas for hygiene and temperature control safely. High-speed doors are even used by the pharmaceutical industry to help create segregated cleanroom spaces. Sets of high-speed doors are often used in decontamination areas to help remove airborne contaminants from workers before they enter sterile areas of a facility.


Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, various parts of a factory may be employed for the construction of different components of a vehicle. Workers may need to quickly move from one location to another, taking with them materials and components. There may also be restricted areas where proprietary information is held away from some workers. High-speed doors are needed to allow for people, machines, and other materials to quickly move from one location to another, while also securely restricting some access.

In auto body shops, high-speed commercial doors are a great choice for three reasons. First, the quick open and closure will be more secure. Second, the speed and durability protect against adverse weather. Third, high-speed doors are designed to be durable, capable of opening and closing many times in a day.

If your business would benefit from a high-speed commercial door, to increase your productivity, then talk to Frontier Pacific today. We can help you identify the right style of high-speed door for your industry and install it correctly for durable and dependable use.