Measure Garage Door Headroom

How to Measure Garage Door Headroom

So, you want a new garage door, but not so fast! If you try to install a standard stand in a low ceiling garage, you will be disappointed. The first step to installing a new garage door is taking an accurate measurement. To measure garage door headroom correctly, please refer to our How to Measure guide below.

How to Measure Garage Door Headroom

Your first thought might be to measure the height and width of the door or openings, but there are a few more measurements you need to measure your garage door correctly.

It is also important to note that the approximate opening of doors will be a little larger than the door you need. Also, the headroom, or the amount of space the door has to open, should match the size of the door you need. The headroom is also an important measurement because it will determine the dimensions by which the garage door in your garage can open.

Step 1: Remove Obstacles

Leaves and dirt should be removed and swept out from underneath the door and the paths. You should lubricate door parts, such as rollers, to open the door better.

Step 2: Measure the Width

To measure the width, you need to make sure to measure the widest part of the door in feet and inches with a tape measurer. Measure it twice to ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Measure the Height of the Ceiling to the Floor

Measure from the highest point on the ceiling to the lowest point on the floor. By measuring the highest point on the ceiling, we mean the space that begins above the garage door opening and extends to the ceiling (or the bottom of the beams or rafters at the top, if you have beams).

The space required depends on the type of garage door you buy, so this step is essential. Obstructions to an accurate ceiling height measurement due to pipelines, a support beam, lighting, etc., would be an issue. There must be enough space for the door to rotate when opening and closing.

Step 4: Measure the Height of the Door

You also need to measure at the highest point of the door to the floor. In other words, measure from the floor to the top of the opening.

Step 5: Measure the Depth of your Current Door

You should also measure the depth of your current garage door before deciding on your door size. In other words, measure the thickness of the door itself.

Step 6: Take Dimensions to Garage Door Installer

Then take those dimensions to your local garage door installer to find the door that is right for you.

What About Commercial Doors?

The height of a commercial door depends on the spring and the rail system installed with the door. We here at Frontier Pacific can determine which door or opening device is best for your garage, and we know exactly how much extra space we have when it comes to unique openings.

We Can Help

Frontier Pacific is proud to offer professional garage door repair services and a complete line of commercial overhead garage doors. We can help you with customized options and fit what you need, and we offer a wide selection of high-quality products from top manufacturers! Give us a call today by dialing (510) 279-0232 if you need help deciding which option is best suited for your needs.