truck dock leveler

The Importance of a Truck Dock Leveler

With a truck dock lever in place, there is no need to worry about variations between your dock level and the trailer backed into it. Different trailers loaded with deliveries to your location will come at varying heights. When they aren’t level with the dock, it can create a dangerous situation. It can cause further damages to goods and even accidents.

Typically, when freight is delivered, a person working at the dock is going to use a hand jack or a forklift. They will enter the trailer against the dock with the equipment in order to successfully move the items into the storage area. When the dock area and the back of the trailer levels are even with each other, it is a smooth transition from one location to the next. Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t pass up on investing in a truck dock leveler.

Risk of Injury

An unlevel dock can increase the risk of someone getting hurt. In some cases, they may trip walking back and forth from the two areas. A truck dock lever can prevent these injury scenarios in the workplace. If you’re running a business, safety is a top priority. You have to make sure that your employees are taken care of in the workplace. It’s good for productivity, too.

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Risk of Damages to Equipment

An uneven setup between the truck dock and the trailer can cause damages to the equipment that’s being used. Keep in mind that various items loaded and unloaded in the dock need a flat surface to move correctly. So once the surfaces are uneven, it increases the chance of someone falling out of balance and tipping over.

Risk of Damages to Merchandise

Merchandise should be secured in the trailer and then moved onto the dock with the use of equipment. Typically, merchandise is on pallets and a large amount of it can be moved at once. This also means that it’s probably heavy. When the dock and trailer aren’t even, the merchandise can spill off the equipment, causing further damage. Of course, you can no longer sell damaged goods to customers and retailers, costing the business more money.

Worth the Investment

A truck dock leveler is worth the investment. It allows the items to be moved safely and securely from the trailer into the storage area of the dock. It reduces the risk of injuries, lessens the risk of damage to the equipment, and makes sure that goods are safely loaded and unloaded. More importantly, it can also speed up the amount of time it takes to unload the trailer and empty the dock for the next delivery.

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Top-Quality Dock Equipment

It’s crucial to keep your business operations running smoothly. So if you’re mainly using a dock, make sure that it’s efficient and safe to use. For premium quality dock leveler equipment, Frontier Pacific is a name you can trust. You can schedule an appointment by reaching out at (510) 935-0086 today!