4 Ways Dock Door Repair and Maintenance Can Improve Warehouse Safety

4 Ways Dock Door Repair and Maintenance Can Improve Warehouse Safety

Dock doors are important to your company because they protect your valuable products and employees. They’re considered assets but, unfortunately, they’re often overlooked. Most companies don’t usually list warehouse door repair and maintenance as one of those high-priority tasks.

When a problem happens to a piece of equipment or product, your company’s precious time, money, and production efforts are lost. Therefore, improving safety should be one of your main concerns when operating a warehouse. Below are 4 ways dock door repair and maintenance help keep your warehouse safe from different unexpected hazards

1. Fewer Chances of Door-Related Injuries

Well-maintained doors in your warehouse keep areas sealed off and separated, giving your products and employees the necessary security while allowing for efficient movement inside the facility. When there’s a proper repair and maintenance routine in place, you can avoid downtime caused by malfunctioning dock doors. In addition, you’ll have fewer chances of dock doors breaking and causing injury to your employees in some way.

2. Fire Protection

4 Ways Dock Door Repair and Maintenance Can Improve Warehouse Safety1 When your dock doors are made of durable steel and certified fire doors, what’s even better is they can also block out noise while still providing you insulation. These doors have features that allow them to automatically close in case a fire is detected. Yearly drop testing and certification are not only required by law but a good general practice to keep your employees and business safe.

Warehouse door repair and maintenance lets you enjoy all these benefits because you won’t encounter any wear and tear problems with your doors.

3. Bird Pest Prevention

Warehouses often attract birds during the spring season. Aside from many nesting areas for birds to settle in, the high rafters offer them protection from predators and a warm shelter.

Bird pests, however, can cause costly problems for warehouse managers. Bird feathers, nests, and other debris can kindle electrical fires because birds like the warmth of light fixtures. Meanwhile, floor staff operating machinery might be startled or distracted by birds.

Having your dock door repaired and maintained can help a lot with this problem because a regularly-maintained dock door will have no issues closing and opening when necessary in order to avoid these pests.

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4. Theft Prevention and Reduction

Expensive tools and equipment are stored inside warehouses, making those areas attractive to thieves. While the kind of door you use matters a lot when protecting the facility, you still need to make sure the dock doors are always maintained. You may have a high-quality door with excellent security features but if it isn’t even maintained every so often, then you’ll find that it’s only as good as an ordinary door.

Efficiency is essential if you’re running any kind of enterprise, particularly one as complex as a warehouse. Because you’ve invested a lot in quality products and equipment, you need to make sure that your dock doors are always working at peak performance. With routine warehouse door repair and maintenance, you can have peace of mind because you know your equipment and employees are always protected and safe.