Commercial Door Repair Tips Is It Time to Replace Your Torsion Spring Cables

Commercial Door Repair Tips: Is It Time to Replace Your Torsion Spring Cables?

Automatic garage doors have cables on each side to lift and lower the door without too much effort. Although these cables are quite durable, wear and tear can take their toll. It often causes cables to snap, fray, or even lose tension.

Scheduling commercial door repair is so important because you may not be aware that you already have broken cables. Replacing your torsion spring cables is necessary in such cases. Not only do you prevent further damage to your garage door, but repair also prevents dangerous accidents, such as garage doors slamming shut or getting stuck.

Getting an Inspection

Cables are generally required to be inspected at least once every year. They also need to be replaced if there is noticeable damage to the cables, regardless of their age.

The most common failure is when the cables start to fray. Spotting this problem is fairly easy, as you will notice through a visual inspection that some of the cables are separating from each other. Once you see frayed cables, it’s time for a replacement.

There are instances when the cable breaks while the door is opening or closing. It can go off track or sideways, which can be dangerous. If the door goes off track because of a broken cable, there are chances that other parts of the door will also be affected.

One component you need to pay extra attention to is the loop on the cable that is connected to the bottom bracket. You can see this loop and bottom bracket mounted on the commercial garage door’s bottom panel. These loops attach the drums, spring, and cable system to the garage door so you can easily open and close your garage door.

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What to Do if You Have Broken Torsion Spring Cables

Commercial Door Repair Tips Is It Time to Replace Your Torsion Spring Cables1 When you notice signs of damage, stop using the door immediately. Call for commercial door repair as soon as possible.

If it’s your first time to schedule such a service, don’t worry! Most cable replacements are very simple and straightforward repairs. Other times, there may be an underlying problem that’s causing the cable failure. Problems like worn parts, improper adjustment, and bad bearings can result in cable failure anytime.

A trained technician will be able to help you deal with the broken spring cables. They will examine the entire commercial door system and replace parts as necessary. If the garage door only has one broken cable or one isn’t working right, it’s generally good practice to replace the entire set. The service will conclude with adjustment and lubrication before finally safety testing the commercial garage door and opener system.

A commercial garage door is a major investment for any kind of business so it has to be well-maintained at all times. The more frequently you use your door, the sooner will you need to replace the cables. If you’ve been using your garage door for a long time, it’s a good idea to schedule a commercial door repair and maintenance service to increase its lifespan even more.