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Securing Your Commercial Door Locks 101

One of the best ways to maximize security for your business is to invest in commercial door locks. These locks are specially designed to provide the ultimate security against theft. Choose from a wide range of commercial locks, whether you need cylindrical lever locks, keypad door locks, electronic door locks, or crash bars. Here is a brief overview of the different grades of commercial door locks available for your business.

Grade 1

The best locks available on the market are considered “grade 1” locks. These heavy-duty commercial locks are recommended for high-traffic areas, due to their strength and durability. Grade 1 locks are especially effective for exterior doors on commercial buildings. They can withstand 250-thousand cycles, plus multiple door strikes with a hammer.

Grade 2

Grade 2 locks are also known as medium-duty locks. In general, they’re a great option for office buildings. These locks are less expensive than grade 1 locks, which is always an attractive point for business owners. Grade 2 locks are a popular option for exterior doors in areas where the crime rate is low.

Grade 3

These are your average deadbolts. They’re the most affordable option, making them suitable for interior doors that aren’t protecting anything of considerable value. You can save yourself money by using these locks throughout your office building. However, it is important that you should use grade 1 or 2 locks for exterior doors for ultimate security.

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Final Thoughts

Knowing how to protect your commercial building from criminal activity is essential for any business owner. Thankfully, commercial locks provide more than protection; they also help with peace of mind. Employees feel safer, too, knowing there are heavy-duty locks on the exterior doors of the building.

Commercial Security Door Locks

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