The Expert's Guide to Securing Your Commercial Doors

The Expert’s Guide to Securing Your Commercial Doors

There’s nothing wrong with investing in security essentials. Alarms, CCTV cameras, and motion detectors can keep your business secure the entire day. However, these are all devices. If you don’t have a secure commercial door, you’re putting your property at stake. Burglars are becoming smarter nowadays, and the next thing you know—they’ve already outdone you.

Don’t let fear overwhelm you. Anything can happen, but you can beat these intruders if you focus on your exterior doors.

Here’s how you can secure the commercial doors of your business.

Choose the best type of commercial door for your business.

The Expert's Guide to Securing Your Commercial Doors As a business owner, investments are crucial. So, when you’re selecting a commercial door, it’s not enough that it’s the right fit—it has to be appropriate.

Doors can be in the form of overhead, fire-rated, roll-up, scissor gates, and more.

Aside from this, consider the most durable material in the market. A solid door can be either made from steel or wooden. One made from fiberglass can also be viable.

Ensure that the door is solid-core and not hollow-core. The latter option lacks security, making it inefficient for external use.

Use a security lock with the highest grade.

Aside from a robust commercial door, pairing it with the most secure lock will do the trick.

In a nutshell, security locks are categorized into three grading systems, based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Grade 1-rated security locks are everything that you’ll need. They’re highly recommended for high-traffic properties that need optimal security, such as commercial areas.

Grade 2-rated locks are the average ones. Some SMBs and startups tend to use them, but know that they only come in second to Grade 1-rated locks.

Despite being the least prioritized, your business can still use Grade 3-rated locks for rooms that barely require protection. You can’t use it on your exterior commercial doors.

Proper installation with secure door hardware is a must.

The Expert's Guide to Securing Your Commercial Doors Even if you have chosen the best commercial door, or invested in the right locks and security devices for your business, it can be a total loss. How? Improper door installation can cause you big, hidden problems if not discovered early.

For optimal security, you can begin by inspecting the frame of the door. Any issue with this hardware can compromise your business’ security. The best thing you can do is to reinforce it using materials such as jam pins and strike plates.

Jam pins keep the door from being pulled out of the frame. You can use them on both metal and wooden commercial doors. Strike plates with Grade 1-rating can also help. They provide more security to the locks of the door frame.

When you think you’re all set, don’t forget to reinforce the door itself. You can allow a professional to install a door wrap, preventing your door from splitting.

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Achieving Maximum Commercial Door Security

Selecting the right door can help, but there’s more to that. Investing in the best security locks and upgrading your door hardware can combat forced entry attempts from intruders.

If you think that you need a new commercial door or you want to replace your existing one, a professional door installation company is all you need.

Frontier Pacific can help you reach maximum security for your business. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you come up with the most viable solution for your needs.