Most Common Causes of Commercial Door Damage

Most Common Causes of Commercial Door Damage

Many businesses rely on commercial doors for their daily operations. They are even used more often than residential garage doors. To compensate for this, they are built with materials that are tougher and more durable.

However, commercial doors can still suffer from the usual wear and tear. That’s why business owners and managers need to be prepared for some of the most common problems with commercial doors and know what to do in these types of situations.

Below are the top 5 issues you may encounter with your commercial doors and how to solve them.

1. Worn Out Rollers

When you get new commercial doors, the rollers that come with them are generally not of high quality. Experts suggest you upgrade to a premium roller to make sure your doors last a long time. The good thing about premium rollers is they are cause less friction when dragged when the door operator pulls up and down. Smooth-running rollers tend to last longer since less friction means they’re less worn-down.

2. Broken Springs

All kinds of commercial door springs break due to wear and tear. The more you use a commercial door, the sooner those springs weaken. Standard springs are included in most doors but you have the option to upgrade to premium ones, which are of stronger quality. They are also bigger in size, making them ideal for long-term use. Just be sure to select springs with the strength that complements the garage door.

3. Safety Feature Malfunction

Most Common Causes of Commercial Door Damage1 Modern commercial doors have excellent safety features in place. These features prevent your doors from accidentally slamming shut when someone or something enters your place of business. Once something’s wrong with your auto-reverse mechanism or photo eye sensors, though, it may injure people entering and exiting your business.

Test safety features regularly to for smooth operation 24/7. In case of a problem, call a technician to have your commercial doors assessed and fixed.

4. Damaged Lifting Cables

Lifting cables, also referred to as wire rope, are generally considered aircraft quality. However, they still tend to get brittle and frayed over time. These cables should be replaced after a few years as they may unwind or, even worse, snap due to wear and tear. Replace these cables as a pair for a better commercial door performance.

5. Broken Hinges

Broken hinges are a rare sight in commercial doors, but they can get noisy over time. The solution to this problem is more oil for lubrication. Bearings and sheaves, however, tend to break as they wear out. Failure to lubricate those parts can lead to metal-on-metal contact which can cut through cables and shafts. Commit to a commercial door maintenance plan to avoid this issue.

When in Doubt, Consider Professional Help

Have you thought about what would happen if your commercial doors suddenly stopped working? Do you have any backup plan in case of malfunctions?

There’s no need to spend time worrying about what might go wrong with your garage door. Professionals are there to help you with your commercial door needs. Just be sure to always look for expert, reliable, and trustworthy companies when having your commercial doors repaired or maintained.