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6 Things to Prepare for Dock Leveler Installation

A dock leveler is essential for a fast, safe, and smooth operation. When it’s time to replace your old leveler, several steps have to be performed to prepare for the new dock leveler installation. This preparation is of the utmost importance to successfully install your new device. Read on for a quick review of these steps.

Inspecting the Site

If an old dock leveler is still present, it’s time to remove it. Before proceeding, it’s important to check the site for any debris in the pit, or other possible obstructions. Igniting this debris is a common fire risk when removing the current dock leveler.

Disconnect Electrical Connections

Electric or hydraulic levelers should be disconnected before any steps are taken. For safety reasons, a certified electrician should handle this detail. Preferably, an electrician who is already familiar with this specific electrical system.

Make Space to Remove Debris

Tilt the dock leveler vertically and make sure it is supported securely. Now you can get underneath the dock leveler to remove the debris and any electrical connections. Welded shims and other connections that once secured the old dock leveler have to be removed so you can clear the area underneath the leveler.

Cut the Old Dock Leveler Loose

Safely cut the leveler loose and remove it. Once the old device is gone there is complete access to the pit.

Clean and Smooth Out the Pit

Remove all the remaining debris, old connections, and other obstacles to create a smooth pit. The pit is now ready to receive the new dock leveler.

Important Note

Measurement errors are a common mistake that’s made during dock leveler installation. The new dock leveler has to fit exactly in the pit for safety reasons, as well as optimal functionality. So, make sure it fits perfectly before you begin the removal process of the old dock leveler.

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Professional Dock Leveler Installation

Frontier Pacific has years of experience with installing dock levelers. We can help you from start to finish, from selecting the right dock leveler, preparation for installation, and, of course, the dock leveler installation itself. We offer fast, safe, and reliable services, which is how your operation will run after your new dock leveler installation is complete. Call us at (510) 279-0232 for a free quote.