5 Questions to Ask a Dock Leveler Service Company Before Hiring

5 Questions to Ask a Dock Leveler Service Company Before Hiring

When your loading dock leveler is busted, you need to prioritize its repair immediately. The longer you put it off, the more your profitability and productivity are affected. You also need to be sure you’re working with a high-quality loading dock leveler service company; one that provides you with reliable operation and performance.

Not sure how to tell a good dock leveler service company apart from a subpar one? Asking these questions might help:

1. Are your technicians certified and insured?

Being heavy machinery, loading dock levers can be quite complicated to operate, let alone repair. That said, you can only let experts handle any dock leveler issues you may have. And aside from having the right skills, knowledge, and equipment, the technician you hire must be certified as well.

That being said, it helps to do a bit of research beforehand. Find out what kind of training and certifications they have before signing on the dotted line to avoid potential risks.

2. Do you offer high-quality products?

5 Questions to Ask a Dock Leveler Service Company Before Hiring1

When looking for an experienced dock leveler company, you need to ask them about the quality of products they provide customers and commercial platforms. Whether you need to have items repaired or replaced, ensure that you will only get high-quality products so everything will run smoothly over time.

3. What’s your level of experience in terms of repairs?

Dock leveler service companies fix different issues every day. Not all of them solve the same problems, so it’s best to ask if they specialize in your issue first. Discuss your concerns with them over the phone and determine if their expertise in the industry matches your needs. Experts suggest that you hire a company that has at least three to four years of experience.

4. What are your operating hours?

Problems with your dock leveler can occur at any time of the day. You need a company that can provide emergency services to avoid delays in your business operations.

Ask about the working hours of your chosen dock leveler service company and verify whether or not they can provide any kind of emergency assistance. There might be instances where you will need a professional to fix a problem early in the morning or late at night, so be sure to discuss this matter with the service company before hiring them.

5. What is your inspection process?

Expert companies can perform extensive inspection on your loading dock leveler should any problem occur. There are agencies that visit your site to thoroughly assess the situation before offering a quote. Others provide a rough estimate of the cost through just through a phone call.

If you want to be sure that you’re paying a fair and reasonable fee, only hire companies that make site visits to evaluate issues before offering quotes.

The loading dock serves as the main hub of activity for a warehouse. The process of loading and unloading goods represents the lifeblood of a commercial company. Anything that threatens to disrupt it can be a threat to your day-to-day operations. By asking the above questions, you’ll be able to find an expert and reliable dock leveler service company for your loading dock needs.

At Frontier Pacific, we are always ready to provide repair and maintenance services for any part of your loading dock. Our sales team also has the vast experience and knowledge needed to help you with equipment selection. Contact a dock leveler service and installation company now and guide you through your next dock leveler purchase.