How Often Should You Schedule Professional Maintenance For Commercial Roll Up Doors

How Often Should You Schedule Professional Maintenance For Commercial Roll Up Doors?

Industrial and commercial roll up doors are becoming a popular choice for many businesses because of their multiple benefits. Part of what makes them so in-demand is their versatility. There are at least a dozen different ways that commercial doors can be customized to suit your specific needs.

For instance, you have the option of getting highly insulated doors for energy efficiency, doors with glass windows for natural lighting, a mix of both for comfort and security, and a wide selection of other different designs.

Most business owners prefer commercial roll up doors because, as the name suggests, they open straight up. This offers more clearance area. With other types of overhead doors, the door itself takes up so much space and needs lots of room just to open and close. In contrast, commercial roll up doors barely need any space for installation and standard operation.

How Often Should You Schedule a Professional Maintenance?

How Often Should You Schedule Professional Maintenance For Commercial Roll Up Doors1

The frequency of maintenance services needed for commercial roll up doors will depend on the environment, usage, and other conditions which your door regularly operates under. There are certain preventative maintenance services that should be conducted each month and other general types of maintenance that can be performed every three to six months. Since the schedule all depends on what your door needs, you may need to discuss this with your trusted door company or licensed professional for more detailed information.

Different elements make up commercial roll up doors; cables, pulleys, drums, shafts, brackets, bottom fixtures, and so on. These elements should only be repaired by a trained service professional in order to avoid further damage to the door. Additionally, only skilled professionals should handle complex door repairs, spring adjustments, and winding.

Aside from these services, it’s recommended that a trained contractor perform preventative maintenance regularly in order to extend the door’s lifetime. They have the skills, knowledge, tools, and extensive experience to identify any potential problems and fix them before they even occur.

What Happens During a Preventative Maintenance?

The goal of preventative maintenance is to keep your commercial roll up doors in the best condition at all times in order for it to function optimally. Contrary to popular belief, your door does not need to be broken or damaged in order for it to need maintenance.

When you sign up for a scheduled maintenance, a trained professional will make sure all surfaces of the door are clean and free from any obstruction. They will also tighten any bolts and fasteners, remove oil and grease, and address any wear and tear problems.

In addition to the door surface, the hardware should be checked regularly to make sure all hinge points, the roller assembly, bottom seal, and other parts are functioning well. An expert is required to examine the counterbalance periodically so that the set screws, cable, drum, torsion spring, collars, and shaft bearings are in top shape. Certain elements may need replacement or tightness adjustment because of corrosion, while others may simply need lubrication.

At Frontier Pacific, we strongly recommend signing up for a preventative maintenance program for commercial roll up doors. Our clients have access to preventative maintenance plans that significantly improves the reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance on commercial roll up doors not only decreases expensive downtime but also reduces repair expenses over the long term. Be sure to schedule commercial door maintenance regularly to avoid any emergency door repair in the future.

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