Commercial Door Installation Are Hollow Metal Doors Better than Wood or Fiberglass

Commercial Door Installation: Are Hollow Metal Doors Better than Wood or Fiberglass?

In business establishments, commercial doors often serve two main purposes: 1) creating divisions and boundaries where they are needed, and 2) protecting the people and valuable resources inside. They also create a visual impact on an establishment. Hence, if you’re planning a commercial door installation, it’s important to give it some careful consideration.

Simply picking whichever one is cheapest or convenient can lead to problems further down the line.

Hollow metal doors are one of the most popular commercial options due to their strength and durability. Are they better than fiberglass or wood? The answer is a resounding yes. And we’re about to tell you why.

Here are some of the reasons to consider getting hollow steel doors for your commercial property.

Superior Protection

If your building is in an area where vandalism is a major concern, installing a hollow steel door is the best choice. Unlike doors that are only made of thin sheets of wood veneer, steel doors are designed for security uses. Anyone who tries to force access will have a hard time jimmying the door open because of the thicker steel in the frame and the door.

In terms of protection against different weather conditions, metal doors also outlast wood doors. Hollow metal doors offer security against storms, flying debris, and strong winds. Wood doors, on the other hand, can be quite hardy but are quite weak when exposed to water and moisture.

Smart Investment

Commercial Door Installation Are Hollow Metal Doors Better than Wood or Fiberglass1 Steel is a great material for commercial use since it is more durable than wood and aluminum— especially if placed in a busy, strenuous environment. When it comes to field use and swing testing, hollow metal also performs well because of its strength. This makes it last much longer and require less maintenance after the initial commercial door installation—saving you big bucks in the long run.

Fiberglass can provide the same durability metal has, but the difference lies in its cost. Compared to steel, fiberglass is a lot more expensive. If you’re looking for a door that offers high-level security at lower cost, hollow metal doors are the way to go.

Energy Efficiency

Hollow steel doors are not only good for security; they also help with energy costs. There is a space between the steel door panels which serves as insulation for your building. You can enhance this insulating effect even more by adding materials such as polyurethane or polystyrene in the cavity. Aside from regulating the interior temperature, this insulation is something you want to have if you’ve got flammable materials nearby.

Fireproofing a door requires a specific type of insulating material. Polyurethane works best if you only need insulation. But if you have items inside your building that are highly-flammable or if you just want extra fire protection, polystyrene is the better choice.

Here’s How Beneficial Fire Rated Commercial Doors Are!

Style Variations

You don’t have to sacrifice style and appearance if you want hollow metal doors. You can choose from an embossed or plain door with dozens of different shades, colors, and textures. Additionally, there is a wide range of attractive and stylish window configurations available out there.

Considering all the benefits you can get from hollow metal doors, it’s undoubtedly a great investment for your property. Whether your space is small or large, security should be your top priority when it comes to commercial door installation. Indeed, hollow metal doors are the top choice compared to fiberglass and wood.