Electric gate opener

3 Safety Reasons to Install an Electric Gate Opener

If you’re considering installing a security gate on your property, there are many benefits to choosing an electric gate opener to go along with it. This can make your gate easier to operate, as well as safer—for a number of reasons. Plus, the automatic operation of the gate means that it can be controlled remotely, too. Read on for 3 top reasons why you should install an electric gate opener.

1) Security

Gate openers are the perfect solution to keeping your home or business safe from intruders or even just annoying solicitors who drop by unannounced to sell things. Of course, the main function of a security gate is to safeguard your property with a physical barrier. A manual gate is easy to open, though, unless it has a locking mechanism. Installing an electric gate opener is more secure when it comes to keeping unwanted visitors out.

This is especially true for anyone who lives alone and wants an extra layer of protection for their peace of mind. And, as an added bonus, these gates can still allow authorized people to access your property, even if you’re not able to be there in person to let them in.

2) Convenience

Convenience is a top feature if you’re considering installing an electric gate opener. A manual lock takes more time, and also requires you to get out of your car more than once—first to open the gate, and again to close it. This can be a safety risk if you’re returning late at night, or in the early hours of the morning—not to mention the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Just imagine trying to manually unlock and maneuver your iron gate in a downpour… You get the picture.

3) Keep Kids & Pets Safe Inside

Electric gate openers also come in handy if you have young children. Security gates aren’t just for keeping people out. One of the many benefits of having an iron gate is that it can prevent children or pets from wandering off your property, or even into the street. Traffic accidents are a real concern for parents, especially in busy neighborhoods. Even when you keep a careful eye on them, both children and pets can be little escape artists. Knowing that you have an iron gate in place can give you some much-needed peace of mind. Someone might forget to lock a manual gate, but you can always set up your electric gate opener to close the gate automatically after a certain amount of time passes.

Install an Electric Gate Opener

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