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Standard Commercial Garage Door Sizes

In the market for commercial garage doors for your warehouse or business? This guide to standard commercial garage door sizes will tell you all you need to know about sizing the right door for your space.

Commercial garage doors are the first impression of your building, your main entrance point, a security feature, an insulation champion, and the embodiment of how you want your business to present itself to the outside world. (In other words? You want to choose a good one.)

Before browsing any stores, have a grasp of the following information:

  • The floor plan of your place of business
  • The height and width of your existing walls
  • The most desirable location to install a commercial garage door

Standard Measurements:

Overhead Doors

Standard commercial overhead garage doors measure 32 feet by 2 inches for width and 24 feet by 1 inch for height. When beginning your search, use these measurements as a baseline. Overhead doors are excellent for shipping docks, warehouses, or any location in need of valuable protection. When opened, the overhead doors conveniently store overhead for space efficiency.

Rolling or Coiling Overhead Doors

Rolling or coiling overhead doors come in standard sizes of 30 feet by 4 inches in width and 28 feet by 4 inches in height. They can also be found made-to-order in 18, 20, 22, and 24-gauge variations. This type of commercial garage door is an excellent space-saving option for industrial, commercial, or storage settings. They easily open and close, rolling into a coil that is stored overhead.

Insulated Doors

Insulated doors are manufactured a bit smaller than their standard counterparts. The width typically measures 30 feet by 2 inches, and the height is 24 feet by 1 inch. Insulated doors offer increased durability and help stabilize the temperature of your office. They also protect against moisture and noise, making them optimal for work environments that are especially noisy or in need of temperature control.

Sectional Doors

This kind of commercial garage door comes in many customizable sizes, with options to personalize patterns and design. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as loading docks or distribution centers. Sectional doors are commonly made from galvanized steel, and the unique ribbed look makes them durable statement pieces.

Once you have an idea of the commercial garage door size and type that would best suit the needs of your business space, consider the other ways you can personalize your door.

  • Type of Material (aluminum, galvanized steel, glass)
  • Security features
  • Door opening mechanisms
  • Reputable Installers in your area

Shop Commercial Garage Doors

Whatever your commercial garage door needs are, there’s a perfect door out there for you. Taking the time to review sizing options is the first step to matching with the ideal door to insulate and protect your office.

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