How Often Should You Replace Strip Curtains on Commercial Garage Doors

How Often Should You Replace Strip Curtains on Commercial Garage Doors?

Strip curtains, also referred to as strip curtain doors or strip doors, are overlapping strips of tinted or clear plastic that separate two spaces. Used with commercial garage doors, they improve energy efficiency, help regulate temperatures between rooms, and protect your facility from dirt and pests.

These heavy-duty strips are often used in manufacturing and other industrial settings. They are also easy to install and replace. The only drawback is, as with everything you use on a daily basis, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Because strip curtains are made from durable and hard-wearing materials, they can last four to five years–or even longer without crackicommercial ng and discoloration. This means it will take a long time before there’s a need to replace your current strip curtains–unless they get damaged and a new one should be installed right away.

Signs Your Commercial Garage Doors Need New Strip Curtains

1. Cracking Strips

How Often Should You Replace Strip Curtains on Commercial Garage Doors1 If the PVC strips of your curtain are beginning to crack, then you might need a higher grade material that matches your needs. Always be sure to select the right PVC strip for the job. Cracks are generally a definite indication that the strip door’s efficiency and performance have been reduced. This means a replacement should be installed immediately.

2. Missing Chunks of PVC

There is a very low chance of cutting a PVC strip by accident but it doesn’t mean it’s far from possible. In the event that a sharp or heavy object gets pushed through the curtain, it could get damaged. The good news is, most of the time, this damage will likely be just superficial, and there’s nothing to worry about.

In other instances, though, you might see sections of the curtain cut off. This means the entire strip should be replaced and not just the damaged part. If neglected, this missing chunk could have a huge impact on the efficiency of your strip doors.

3. Scratches in Strips

PVC strip curtains that are used daily go through a lot of wear and tear. While PVC is a material best known for its flexibility and durability, it can get scratches when used over time. These scratches can build up and make it harder for you to see through the curtain. If that happens, it can be a safety and health issue in your facility, so a new curtain should be installed ASAP.

However, before ordering a new strip curtain, we suggest you inspect your current one first. It may just be cloudy due to dirt that can be removed with a good clean. Built-up dirt can make your strip curtains look a lot worse than they actually are, so be sure to inspect them regularly to help maintain their performance and efficiency.

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Safeguarding your products from external contaminants and giving your employees comfortable working conditions are essential–but it can be costly and difficult. By installing strip doors on your commercial garage doors, you can do all of those things while still being cost-effective. Knowing when to replace your strip curtains helps you save more because you avoid potential downtime in operations.

If you need help with your commercial doors, we at Frontier Pacific will be glad to help you out. Just get in touch and let us know what you need done.