the warehouse door is stuck in the open position what could be the problem

The Warehouse Door Is Stuck In The Open Position. What is The Problem?

If your warehouse door is stuck in the open position, your business security and functionality is immediately compromised. A functioning warehouse door is essential for every business’s safety, protection and operation, so getting your warehouse door to close again is critical. Just as with most issues with commercial doors, finding the cause of the problem is the first step to fixing it. Here we look at some of the potential reasons for a warehouse door stuck in the open position.

Power is Disconnected

Your warehouse door could be stuck because the power is no longer running. As commercial doors require electricity to operate, a lack of energy could mean your warehouse door gets held in either the closed or open position. Your main power could be out, or it could be that the electrical connections to your warehouse door are damaged or not working. Check up on your mains supply and any apparent connections or switches on your warehouse door. If there has been an accident that has damaged or frayed electrical connections, turn off the main power and call your commercial door repair company as soon as possible, to prevent electrocution.

Motor Issues

Various issues can occur with a commercial door motor that prevents the door from functioning and may leave it stuck open, or closed. These can be very difficult to assess and correct unless you are a mechanic experienced with commercial doors. It’s best to get a professional onsite to diagnose and evaluate the issue.

Obstructions and Dirt

Commercial warehouse doors can get jammed and stuck open due to obstructions, dust or dirt on the tracks or wheels. If objects obstruct the path of the door (such as brooms leaning up inside the tracks), your warehouse doors won’t close. Likewise, dust, dirt, and rust can cause the doors to jam. Check inside the tracks and clean away any dirt or obstructions.

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Door Has Run Off the Tracks

If a warehouse door has run off its tracks, it won’t operate correctly. It may be hard to tell if a commercial door has run off its tracks when the door is open and tucked overhead. If you’ve tried to troubleshoot solutions for your stuck door and can’t seem to get it to close, you should consider that the door may have run off its tracks.

Failure of Door Parts

Just like with any piece of machinery, commercial doors parts can wear out and fail over time. The components of an industrial door, including the spring, can rust or become inflexible, causing the warehouse door to remain stuck open. A professional commercial door repair company can help to replace these parts or advise if a new commercial door is needed.

Wheels Need Lubrication

Your warehouse door can also get stuck because it needs additional lubrication to operate smoothly and efficiently. This can be particularly beneficial after you’ve cleaned out commercial door tracks to ensure snag-free operation.

If troubleshooting doesn’t get your warehouse door to close again, seek professional help. Commercial door experts like Frontier Pacific can help get your warehouse door closed to keep your business safe, so give us a call if your commercial door gets stuck.