What are the Different Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

What are the Different Types of Commercial Overhead Doors?

In any business, a commercial overhead door does more than offer passage to people and vehicles. They also allow access for loading and unloading items, storage for heavy equipment and vehicles, provide security, and so on.

Overhead doors for businesses come in a wide array of materials, sizes, and shapes–depending on their function. Below are the various types of commercial overhead doors to help you know which one is the most ideal for your property.

1. Roll-up doors

Typically used for weather protection and security, these commercial and industrial doors are metal-slatted. This type of door rolls up and down and it’s stored in a coil. They are built using a heavy material that can withstand the elements, making them last the lifetime of any building.

They are typically mounted to the wall with additional support from the vertical wall, and they need enough headroom and sideroom. Unlike other doors, they don’t require any connection to the roof structure or ceiling. They are ideal for distribution centers and warehouses.

2. Fire doors

What are the Different Types of Commercial Overhead Doors1 Fire-rated doors work a bit similar to roll up doors. They are lowered and raised either manually or with the use of a motorized machine. What sets fire-rated doors apart from roll-up doors is they offer a much greater level of protection. The reason behind this is, they are created from a durable and thick stainless steel that offers excellent insulation. The material is also both fire- and noise resistant.

These doors are easily customizable and can be made to fit any type of building scenario. They are usually found in parking garages, mills, and warehouses. They also have an auto-closing functionality in case a fire is detected.

3. Security grilles

This type of overhead door is available in upward-coiling or side-folding models. Made of galvanized steel or aluminum, security grilles offer state-of-the-art security features and advanced design to fit your choice of colors and patterns. You can also specify if you want an open-air design or electric motor operation.

Side-folding grilles are the lowest profile units available in this type. They gives your property complete closure to form a safety barrier against theft and debris, a feature that works best for airport concourses and malls.

4. Sectional doors

Created from galvanized steel panels, these doors have internal insulation features that give your property noise reduction and thermal isolation. You have the option to choose from a wide range of panel profiles, hardware, metal gauges, glazing, and track styles. There are applications that help you resist harsh elements like extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and dampness.

All commercial properties are always at risk of criminal damage and theft. Over the past few years, there has been an alarming rise in burglary problems affecting businesses. These incidents can have a damaging impact on your company, so you need a reliable commercial overhead door.

If you’re still not sure which overhead door to choose, give us a call! With Frontier Pacific, we can offer you sound, professional advice regarding overhead doors. The experts on our team can help you figure out which door matches your needs, and we can also install it for you!