Why R-Value Matters for Your Commercial Overhead Doors

Why R-Value Matters for Your Commercial Overhead Doors

You may not have heard of it before, but R-value matters for your commercial overhead doors. Each material has its own degree of thermal efficiency. The material that your commercial doors are made of will determine the amount of protection they provide. To ensure your space offers the proper amount of thermal insulation, it’s important to become familiar with R-values. Here’s what you need to know…


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The R-value of thermal insulation is basically the resistance to heat flow of the material. A higher R-value means better resistance and more effective insulation. If you’re interested in controlling the energy efficiency of your space, the R-value of your insulation is important to know. When buying new overhangs, make sure to select the right R-value for your needs.

One main function of commercial overhead doors is to insulate your structure from extreme heat or cold. Both can be present in the outside environment and affect the indoor climate. But with the proper R-value, your commercial overhead doors more effectively shield your space from the effects of extreme temperature fluctuations.

Assessing your specific needs will help you purchase materials with the proper R-value for your space. R-values tend to vary from one model of commercial overhead doors to another. This is because each type of material has a different amount of thermal resistance.

What’s Inside?

What’s inside your commercial overhead doors? What are they protecting? This is the question you should be asking yourself. What are you keeping in your commercial space? Is it something that’s sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or to extreme heat or cold? If so, then it’s all the more important that you choose a commercial overhead door with the proper R-value.

The R-value of your materials should be high enough to provide secure insulation. You may also want to consider the weather patterns in your area. If you’re in a place prone to heatwaves, you may need a higher R-value. Of course, if you’re in a place prone to freezing weather, quality insulation is just as important. Protect what’s inside. The proper materials can help you to do this.

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