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Why Your Commercial Garage Door is So Loud and How to Fix It

A noisy commercial garage door can really disrupt your clients, workers, and your business. A loud, clanky garage door may seem older and less functional than it really is, creating a poor first impression for many of the visitors and delivery drivers to your business. But why do commercial garage doors sometimes operate so loudly, and what can you do to fix your commercial door?

Why Is My Commercial Garage Door So Loud?

Depending on the make, model, design and materials used for your commercial garage door, there are a number of reasons why your garage door is so loud, and therefore a number of different techniques to fix it.

Too Much Friction

Noisy commercial garage doors happen when there is simply too much friction between the components of the door. Rollers, hinges, tracks and springs can all begin to rub up against each other over time, creating scraping, grating and clanging sounds. Metallic parts of the torsion system rubbing together during door operation can be a major source of noise.

How to Fix It: Noise created by excess friction can be easily fixed by giving your commercial garage door a tune-up and an application of lubricant. It’s important to only use a lubricant that’s safe for metal, and if you’re unsure, contact a commercial door expert for a professional tune up.

Loose Parts

Loose door and track hardware can make your commercial door extra loud during operation as the door and parts rattle around. Not to mention that loose parts will cause your commercial door to not operate correctly and wear out faster.

How to Fix It: Tighten nuts and bolts and make sure there are no loose screws – but be careful not to over-tighten as this can pull the bolt heads through the door and strip lag screw holes. If in doubt, it’s best to call a commercial door professional to protect your commercial door investment.

Damaged Tracks and Rollers

Roller shutter door and concrete floor inside factory building for industrial background. Damaged tracks and rollers are a big cause of commercial garage doors noise, as its direct contact and movement between these two door parts that creates garage door noise.

How to Fix It: Rollers should roll – not slide – inside the tracks. If you’re having problems with your tracks or rollers they may need an adjustment or replacement to run smoothly and quietly again.

Issues with the Chain

Commercial garage doors that are operated by a chain opener can become noisy when the chain needs lubrication or replacement.

How to Fix It: Lubricate your chains, replace old worn out chains, or upgrade to a quieter belt-driven door opener.

Uninsulated Garage Door

Insulated commercial garage doors don’t just keep your business environment better regulated and more comfortable, they absorb noise from door operation as well.

How to Fix It: If you’ve exhausted options for other noisy door fixes or you want a better quality commercial door, consider upgrading to an insulated option.

Commercial Door Over 10 Years Old

If your commercial door is noisy and more than 10 years old, it could just be worn out and in need of replacement.

How to Fix It: While repairs and parts replacement might keep your commercial door going for a little longer, it’s probably time to start talking to a commercial door company about commercial door replacement.

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Loud noises coming from your commercial garage doors can have a number of causes, and there are plenty of creative ways to fix noisy commercial doors as well. Discussing your options with a commercial door expert, like Frontier Pacific, can help you find the right fix for quieter operation, along with the best performance for your business.