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When Should I Replace My Commercial Garage Door?

Your commercial garage door can get dozens if not hundreds of uses per day. And yet day in, day out, your commercial garage door provides protection and security for your business property and assets. It’s therefore essential to consider when you should replace your commercial garage door, or whether you can simply repair it and get a few more years of use from it. Fixing commercial doors when they should be replaced can accelerate damage and breakdown and reduce performance and security. Here we look at how to tell when you should replace your commercial garage door.

Your Commercial Garage Door Regularly Breaks Down

Most businesses can’t afford to waste time with a commercial garage door that doesn’t operate reliably. The cost of replacing a commercial garage door, in this case, is almost certainly worthwhile compared to the time and money wasted in repeated breakdowns and maintenance. Replace your commercial garage door with a more reliable and up to date option with assistance from a professional commercial door company.

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Your Commercial Garage Door Core Has Been Repeatedly Damaged

Repeated clashes with forklifts and trucks can take their toll on your commercial doors. Commercial doors, particularly insulated commercial overhead doors can resist dents and crashes to a certain extent, but once a door has been heavily damaged and the core compromised, replacement is your only option if you want to maintain security and performance. Repair can be an option if the damage is minor but if the commercial door will no longer move along the tracks it open and close smoothly, replacing the door is the best bet.


Your Commercial Door Has Been Broken Into

Break-ins can be upsetting and frustrating as you sustain damage and loss to your business, usually through no fault of your own. However, if your commercial garage door has been broken into, it may be so severely damaged that it requires replacement. Leaving a broken door in place can, in fact, encourage further break-ins. Replacement of your commercial garage door to a stronger and more secure option can allow for greater resistance to break-ins.

Your Commercial Door Doesn’t Have the Features You Want

Innovations and updates to commercial doors can happen rapidly, and so you may need to replace your commercial doors to take advantage of these innovations. If your door is too slow, uninsulated, lacks security features or creates too much noise, you may want to replace your commercial garage door just to take advantage of the latest updates to commercial garage doors.

Your Commercial Door Is Old, Worn and Misaligned

Sometimes you may need to resolve your commercial garage door simply because yours is too old and worn out. Worn doors may no longer be aligned with the frame or become delaminated. In this case, replacement provides a much more durable and secure option than repair. Older doors also lack the strength, security, and performance of newer commercial overhead doors, so it can be extremely worthwhile to upgrade.

Finding the right time to replace your commercial garage door can be difficult, but Frontier Pacific can help you weigh the costs and benefits and make the right choice for your business.