3 Ways a Commercial Overhead Door Can Help Increase Productivity for Your Workers

3 Ways a Commercial Overhead Door Can Help Increase Productivity for Your Workers

There are many factors to consider before installing a commercial overhead door. For instance, the model that you purchase should be one that’s functional, secure, and durable. It also helps if your overhead door has a level of curb appeal and a reasonable price. Business owners don’t often realize it immediately, but the quality of their overhead door can dictate the level of productivity in their business.

How so? Here are three examples:

1. Commercial overhead doors provide insulation.

Aside from keeping the chill out and the warmth in (and vice-versa for hot days), insulated overhead doors also keep external noises to a minimum. This provides your employees with a distraction-free environment to work in, where they can focus more on being productive. They’ll also feel comfortable inside your property since the temperature is kept at optimum levels.

And on that note; because the same level of temperature is maintained, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs. You won’t have to worry about your furnace or AC constantly running or running double-time just to keep everything level. Plus, insulated doors add value to your property.

2. They have a secondary barrier.

3 Ways a Commercial Overhead Door Can Help Increase Productivity for Your Workers1 A commercial overhead door has a PVC strip curtain that serves as a secondary barrier. This barrier is often opaque, which maintains privacy, but malleable enough that your employees can drive or walk right through the plastic strips.

How does this improve productivity?

For starters, having a PVC strip curtain is beneficial because you can still enjoy the benefits of an overhead door while allowing easy access to your property.

Most of the time, these door curtains work as a companion to the freezer and cooler doors. Aside from encouraging consistent temperatures throughout the building, it also reduces the possibility of icing and condensation. Businesses that store cold items like food, medical supplies, meat, and so on can greatly benefit from this feature.

3. They operate at a high speed.

Most distribution facilities and manufacturing centers these days need commercial overhead door options that move quickly for smooth and efficient operations. They also need barriers between climate-controlled spaces. Well-built, high-quality overhead doors raise and lower quickly—a feature that your business can definitely benefit from. Every second counts in business, and an overhead door that operates two seconds slower than average can make all the difference in your employee’s overall productivity.

High-speed commercial garage doors come in a wide array of choices, which means you can definitely find one best suited for your business’s specific needs. They’re also often straightforward, making the selection process a little more hassle-free.

Now is the best time to rethink the importance of your commercial overhead door. After all, they have a lot more benefits than you realize. Aside from increasing productivity, they can offer protection from the weather and ensure your safety.

Commercial overhead doors can be customized according to your needs. If you are looking for an overhead door that matches your industry, Frontier Pacific can help you decide. Talk to us today for more information.