2017 Advancements in Overhead Commercial Doors

2017 Advancements in Overhead Commercial Doors

2017 has seen some notable advancements in commercial overhead doors that have offered significant benefits for companies looking to protect their businesses and warehouses. A high-quality commercial door is an essential equipment for protecting commercial assets and business property. Overhead commercial doors have become one of the most popular choices due to their easy and neat opening and storage overhead and the strength of security and protection they offer businesses. Here we look at a few of the innovations that 2017 has brought to the overhead commercial door industry.

Faster Opening Commercial Overhead Doors

The faster your commercial door opens and closes the more work you can get done. While it might not seem like a big deal, the opening speed of your commercial door can make a big difference to your business. In a busy warehouse or commercial building, overhead doors may need to open and close dozens of times a day, opening to allow vehicles and forklifts to pass while staying closed in the meantime to protect product and property. Just a couple of minutes extra wait for each opening and closing of the door can reduce your business productivity.

advancements in overhead commercial doors

Wayne Dalton has provided the innovation of offering high speed, yet sturdy commercial overhead doors to improve business efficiency and productivity. Within the ADV-X line of high-speed commercial doors, Wayne Dalton provides Model 881 – an independently tested airtight door that can open up to 70 inches per second, making it their highest speed offering. Along with Model 882 which has easily replaceable panels, these two high-speed commercial overhead doors from Wayne Dalton are designed for indoor use.

The Model 885 high-speed door is unique in that it is even more diverse in its applications. This is the Wayne Dalton Extreme Exterior High-Speed Rubber door, offering opening speeds of up to 50 inches a second and being able to withstand wind speeds of up to 180mph.

This unique, strong high-speed door is also suitable for exterior use, which makes it a valuable innovation for commercial doors in 2017.

Improved Installation Process

Commercial door companies are also adding improvements to their commercial doors that make them more accessible and quicker to install, while also providing easier use and improved performance. Within the Wayne Dalton line of Advanced Performance doors and grilles, there is now a braking mechanism built into the motor/gearbox. This removes the need for an exterior drop stop device and associated parts, streamlining the design and making installation easier.

Elimination of Coil Cords

Coil cords can become caught, stretched or damaged which adds a level of risk and potential for damage. The improved Wayne Dalton Advanced Performance doors know have a wirelessly monitored safety edge which removes the need for coil cords.

Hand Chain Override

Rather than needing to use a crank in the event of power outage, the Wayne Dalton Models 600 ADV Grille, 800 ADV and 800C ADV now include a hand chain which makes manual operation easier and more efficient.

Diversity in Design and Materials

The experts at Amarr Commercial Doors know that providing designs in a range of different materials and layouts provides variety to suit each different type of commercial application. Innovations in commercial doors with glass panels or with improved insulation provide various properties to commercial doors that businesses value.

2017 has seen some significant innovations in commercial overheads doors that offer businesses greater utility, value and function. If you’re thinking of upgrading your commercial overhead doors, contact Frontier Pacific today for expert advice on the right doors for your business.