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8 Reasons your Overhead Door Won’t Open

You might not expect that commercial door could be a factor that stops a business from operating. But, if your overhead doors won’t open, you may find your operations grinding to a halt. Overhead doors that fail to open or close properly are an inconvenience and present a major security issue for your business. Here we look at eight major reasons why your overhead doors won’t open.

1. Broken Cables or Torsion Spring

A broken cable will stop your door from opening which presents a potential danger to the product and employees. Additionally, a broken torsion spring is a major problem that can only be corrected by a professional.

Don’t let a stuck overhead door put a stop to your business! Troubleshoot an overhead door that won’t open by looking at these eight causes and get your business functioning efficiently and safely once again.

2. Old, Damaged Doors or Rails

In warehouses, accidents can occur when product is being moved. For example, a collision with trucks, forklifts, or pallets can cause dents to panels or cause bends in the track which stop your doors from functioning correctly. If the doors have come off the rails, the rails are damaged, or the doors have been bent or dented, contact a professional commercial door expert to inspect the damage and provide the correct repair. It is important not to continue to use a bent or damaged door as this can aggravate the breakage.

3. Remote Batteries Need Replacement

Overhead door malfunctions are roughly divided into electrical and physical problems. A minor fault in the electrical category is the batteries running out on your overhead door remote. To fix this issue you will need new batteries.

4. Power Failure

Electric Technician Job. Caucasian Professional Electrician in His 30s Finishing Electric Box Inside the Apartment. If the power supply to your whole building has been cut off, your overhead door won’t require repair. Once the power supply is reestablished, the overhead door should return to normal function. If there is power to the building but you door seems to not have power, check the breakers to see if any have been tripped.

5. Trolley Carriage Disconnected

A physical fault that occurs with overhead doors is a disconnection. For trolley type operators all that is required is to climb up and reconnect the trolley carriage. For jackshaft type operators check the emergency release to see if it has been engaged.

6. Remote is Out of Sync

Another electrical problem is that the door opener may have reprogrammed itself and may now be out of sync with the door. But this is also another easy fix, as the door and remote simply need to be resynced.

7. Remote Works, but Wall Switch Doesn’t

This one is a little harder to fix, as it indicates a problem with the switch itself. Whether it’s the wiring, electrical, or the switch itself, old switches do wear out and merely require replacement to restore function.

8. Door Stays Closed, and Light is Out

If there is power in the building, but the commercial door stays closed and the lights are not working, it could indicate a more significant electrical problem such as a faulty circuit board. The circuit board is impacted by the lighting, therefore if you notice both your door and the light not working, call a professional to replace the circuit board.

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